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is a service where I make changes to your website so that it gets found more easily by search engines (like Google & Bing). After all, Google wants to provide the best results to people searching for information. It wants to show your website in its results…. but you have to let it know that your website exists, and what it is about, and that it is up-to-date and high quality – just like your business is!

After 10 years in Ireland & France, I have been back in East Yorkshire for 3 years now and have decided to launch specific SEO services to help local businesses & their websites (and other marketing content such as videos and things posted in social media)  to “Get Found, Get Known & Get Customers”. This is something I have been doing for years with my clients, but have never specifically set up services for it, or marketed it as a service. It is also something that I very often get my ‘brain picked’ about, so people are interested in how I do this and results I have achieved.

Established Online Marketing Consultant

You may know that for several years I have been providing online marketing advice and services, and particularly video marketing services, to customers of Traffic Geyser & Instant Customer – marketing software. The company was sold and the products are now known as TPNI Engage. There were many changes taking place and I took the strategic decision to move away from serving a narrow and changing niche. It has served me well over the years but it was definitely time for a change! It did however provide me with excellent experience of online marketing & search engine optimisation, serving international clients.

New Website & New Services

So this website is getting a major revamp and change of emphasis. So from my office in East Yorkshire, I offer Search Engine Optimisation, and related SEO services, such as website optimisation, keyword research and content marketing advice to fellow East Yorkshire businesses. I do other things too, such as sorting out your directory listings, and improving your Social Media profiles and strategy. Another powerful strategy is making the most of YouTube, with a great channel and very targeted  video marketing.

There are many ways to help boost your position in the search listing rankings – lets pick the most appropriate for you.

Oh and just so you know, I also provide services around podcasting via my other website  So on there you will find plenty of information about podcasting, podcast strategy, and podcast production services.

SO that’s how this website and my services are evolving.

If you are based around East Yorkshire and want to get Found, Get Known & Get Customers then come and check out my East Yorkshire Search Engine Optimisation and related SEO services.

See you soon!

Susan Weeks
Susan Weeks

Most artists lack the tech skills & time to create & sell an online course & don't know what to do. But with practical training from Susan Weeks you follow a step-by-step plan and learn the techy stuff too, so you can confidently create & sell your online courses faster & easier, and make money sooner!