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Empowering You To Use Online Tools & Technology In Your Business

This website is in the process of getting a massive revamp so firstly, please bear with me 🙂

It will be changing page by page, feature by feature, option by option.

After a lifetime working in technology, and over 10 years offering my virtual services online, working with global clients, I now have 3 clear aspects to my freelance business. This website is being changed to reflect those aspects.

I have developed a selection of established and successful online technology training courses.

Some I have developed where I spotted a 'gap'. Others have been developed and used within an online training company, and I am in the process of tailoring them and offering them for sale on my own website.

It is a growing list but is currently

  • How To Podcast
  • How To Plan Your Podcast
  • How To Edit Audio
  • How To Edit Video
  • How To Use OptimizePress
  • How To Use Trello For Easy Project Management
  • How To Use Trello With The '12 Week Year' process
  • plus an assortment of 30 minute training 'quick shots' on a variety of mobile apps to help you run your business whilst 'on the go'

If you are interested in any of these, give me a shout and I will provide more information.

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