This website is very 'bare bones' and has been for a while whilst I focused on other aspects of my business.

A new website for my training course business 'The Missing Training' is underway, then this website will probably be retired.

Please bear with me ... there is a lot more to me, and a lot more going on, than this crappy skeleton website portrays!  You can find me on social media as well as on my Podcast Services website or my Stitchery Stories textile art podcast website Cheers! 🙂

Online Technology Mentor based in East Yorkshire

Empowering You To Use Online Tools & Technology In Your Business


You know when you go to a live event, or attend a webinar, or even have a great conversation with someone at a networking event, and you get a great idea, and come home really excited about the new vision that you have for your business?

Maybe you decide to finally get your email marketing working harder for you. Or set up an appointment scheduler. Maybe create an affiliate program paying commission to people who sell your stuff..
Or launch an online course, get started with video marketing, record some meditations, or even start a podcast.

Then you realise that you don't know where to start, you don't understand what important choices you have to make, and being realistic.... trying to get any online technology or tool working is really just not your thing.

SO you try to find some help. Maybe ask your 'web guy'.
You just can't find anyone who knows what they are doing, and, can explain things clearly to you.
So you give up.

Does This Sound Familiar To You?

Well, business owners hire me to take online technology projects off their already overloaded plate.

They hire me to lead, to be their trusted advisor, to make it easy for them to make progress.

So, I lead and you relax!
I will create clarity for you, and advise on the key choices that need to be made.
I will focus on simplicity and a strategy that will work for you and your business.
I will tame the technology that you need, and get it working properly.

You have already made the first important step... you are reading this!

Your next step is to book your 60 minute 'Get Clear' session.

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Three Key Services From VirtualityWorks

  • Mentoring

    Helping you get clear on your next move, choose the appropriate online tools, and implement your vision

    Work With Me

  • Training

    A selection of online courses enable you to learn at your own pace so you can enjoy your business DIY

    Learn With Me

  • Podcasting

    Love podcasts?

    Want to launch a podcast for your business or your hobby?

    How To Podcast

About Susan Weeks & VirtualityWorks

Hello, and Thank You for your curiosity today! I know there are lots of smart business owners, & creative entrepreneurs, like you, in East Yorkshire, who work hard on your business and are an expert in your niche, but you feel rather lost when it comes to using the power of the internet to boost your business.

That's where I come in...I make it easy for you to stop worrying about all this 'online stuff'.

VirtualityWorks.comOnline Technology Mentor based in Hornsea, East Yorkshire