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Get Found, Get Known, Get Customers!

Having a website for your business is just the start!

It is your business 'home', and a major asset for your business. Just like your own home, there is maintenance to be done to keep it looking nice, working properly and making it safe & secure.

And of course none of this work is of any use if none of your potential customers can find your website...

That is what Online Marketing is all about. But don't worry - I make it easy for you to understand what needs doing. And then I get on and do it for you.

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Three Key Services From VirtualityWorks

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Following a step by step, tried & tested process, let’s get your website ahead of your local competition in the search engines and in front of the people who you want to see it.

  • Online Marketing Strategy

    Without a practical online marketing strategy you will waste time, waste money and wonder if all this online stuff is actually boosting your business.

    I’ll help you decide what to do, and map out an online marketing strategy & plan for you.

  • Project Management

    Need help getting your projects organised and off the ground while you concentrate on what you do best… running your business & dealing with your clients? Sometimes all you need is someone like me to take away the stress and overload.

About Susan Weeks & VirtualityWorks

Hello, and Thank You for your curiosity today! I know there are lots of smart business owners, & creative entrepreneurs, like you, in East Yorkshire, who work hard on your business and are an expert in your niche, but you feel rather lost when it comes to using the power of the internet to boost your business.

That's where I come in...I make it easy for you to stop worrying about all this 'online stuff'.

I make it easy for your website to work harder for you - while you have less stress & more results! My main focus is providing Online Marketing Services, in East Yorkshire, and of course,  The Rest Of The World!

Based upon your specific online marketing challenges, I develop an appropriate online marketing strategy & plan, and work with you, step by step, to achieve your goals based on your strategy.

I make changes so that your website Gets Found by people looking for someone who does what you do.

Then we provide interesting information so you Get Known as a trusted expert, service or business.

Which means you Get Customers.

Not quite Magic, but it's great to get ahead of your local competition isn't it?

I use a proven process developed and refined through my online professional career working with international clients. With the range of fixed price service packages I offer, you will be able to work with me in the best way for you & your business.

We work through the process step-by-step, so you always know where we are, and what is coming next.

I take the lead, I do not create extra work for you, and there are no surprise bills!

So Let's get your website working harder and smarter for your business. Let people find you.

Sound Interesting? I can advise you, support you and do it all for you.... So Let's Connect and Get Started!

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