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Your lack of skills is costing you money!

You want to sell online courses, right?

Earn more money and free up your time.

But while you are googling, going round in circles, and worrying about all the techy stuff...

Your competitors are creating their online courses and making money.

You are missing out, and you are still stuck trading time for money.

I'm here to help.

My customers  no longer struggle with course creation & marketing. They have bought my courses, learnt what they needed, and taken action.

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Save time & earn money sooner.
Relax and simply follow my proven plan.
Feel confident and clear from practical step-by-step training.
Your tech worries melt away with each well-taught tutorial.
Friendly support removes your lonely struggles.

Let me be your guide...

I know what it feels like to struggle to learn technology from a poor teacher. Oh the stress and frustration! 

So it's always been my mission to develop my tech training skills so no-one has to struggle like I did.

I'm here to guide you, teach you and show you exactly what you need to know to create a successful online course business.

"Transforming lives, careers & businesses with my training since 1996!"

Her Courses Are Awesome

Susan is one of the best online trainers out there!

She has demonstrated a proven ability to design and deliver highly engaging courses that our students love.

Susan's teaching style makes it easy for our students to absorb and apply what they are learning.

Her courses are awesome!

Craig Cannings

Founder FreelanceUniversity.com

Well Worth The Investment

Before I started, the biggest challenge was knowing where to start with all the technology, systems, marketing etc.

I am now much happier in dealing with the technology. I also know what needs doing in terms of marketing and  building my audience.

Go for it! 

Sue is very knowledgeable and experienced,  and her course materials are well produced & very user-friendly.  Well worth the investment of time and money

Alison Larkin


You Turned My Dream Into A Reality

I am looking to niche down into podcasting.

Thanks so much Susan Weeks for this amazing course.  

I am already working on launching a podcast with a client and turning someone's zoom classes into a podcast! And another potential podcast client just over the past few weeks! 

You have turned my dream into a reality.

Rivky Cyrulnik

Engaging Media Creations

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1. Buy Your Course

My practical courses help you confidently create and sell your online courses.

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Simply follow clear step-by-step training, with practical strategies, sensible advice, useful tips & well-taught tech demos!

3. And Take Action

Apply your learning to your online course business to increase your revenue.

Is This The Help You Need NOW?

I'm Susan Weeks, and I know you want to build a profitable and fun business around your art & creativity.

You sell your art but you also love teaching your skills and love inspiring other creative souls. Your creative time is precious,  so you want to offer video-based online learning opportunities too.

The problem is you lack the tech skills & time to work out how to create an online course. It's all so confusing. You are wary of wasting money, worried about the techy stuff.  And will the advice even work for an arty crafty creative course?

So it's not surprising that you feel utterly fed up with your lack of progress. 

And not only that......

It's so annoying to see other artists cashing in on the growing popularity of online courses whilst you are still going round in circles.

It's time for a big change.

I believe that technology is brilliant. It can power our business and help us reach and teach people around the world.

So it makes me sad and angry that the techy stuff is still a barrier for so many talented creative business owners.

All those crappy courses from people who can't or don't teach the techy stuff make me furious.  You buy their expensive course and yet you still don't have all the skills you need to actually get your online course up for sale.

I understand your despair.

I know what it feels like to struggle to learn technology from a poor teacher. I nearly lost my hard-won graduate job 'cos I couldn't learn programming fast enough from a trainer who just couldn't teach! I will never forget the stress and despair I felt then.

So it's always been my mission to develop my tech training skills so no-one has to struggle like I did.

But did you know that I am more than just a techy lass whose career revolves around tech & training?

Well, my hobby is textile art and embroidery.

In 2017 I launched the globally popular textile art podcast Stitchery Stories and over 100 in-depth conversations with textile artists has developed a deep understanding of the issues around running a creative arty crafty business. 

I created my first course back in 1996, and I have taught hundreds of corporate employees. I even taught programming in India.

But more importantly, as a freelance trainer, I have created over 20 online courses that hundreds of Freelance University students around the world absolutely love!  

And I have my own 'flagship' course 'Crafty Online Course Creation'

My courses change lives...

I can help YOU change YOUR life and business too. 

I'm here to guide you, teach you and show you exactly what you need to know to create a successful online course. 

Here's How It Works...

Don't let technology get in your way!

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And start making money from your new online course and create more freedom to create the art you love.