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How Can I Help You?

My focus on this site is to help you create, launch & sell an online course as an important strategic asset for your business.  Cut thru' your learning curve and make it faster & easier for you.

I can help you in several ways. Tap on the + to see more details.

Online Course Creation

You can buy my online course which teaches you how to create & launch an online course. It's called 'Crafty Online Course Creation.' Then you need somewhere to host your shiny new course, of course! So my course on how to setup and use the online course hosting platform Teachable will be handy too.

Courses To Market Your Business

There is a selection of courses to help you market your courses (and your business). 

Courses on Mailchimp (email marketing) and Pinterest, Instagram, Canva, as well as on Podcasting.

Personalised Help & Support

For personalised help, I offer paid 1-2-1 'brain picking' and personal training sessions. 

There is my Course Club Room student community, and all my students are invited to my twice a month 'Crafty Course Chat' Zoom Q&A sessions.

Free Resources

Maybe you just want to read my blog or dive into videos in my Learning Centre.

And don't forget my globally popular textile art podcast, Stitchery Stories.

AND if you want to send me a message, I'd LOVE to hear from you! 

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