Meet Susan Weeks

Have you finally found the right person to help you?

I'm here to guide you, teach you and show you exactly what you need to know to create a successful online course business.

Sure, there are so many online course creation 'gurus' out there already shouting about how many millions they made last year. Running expensive ad campaigns and slick marketing created by their large teams. Ready to suck you into their 'funnel'.

So in all that noise, hype and pressure, why would you want to listen to me?

I'm an experienced trainer.

It's my mission to teach you what you need to know, in a sensible & practical way so you truly have the skills to create, launch & market your online course.

There is a lot at stake here, and I'm on your side!

Created first course in 1996.
Technology trainer in corporate career.
Since 2018, created over 20 popular technology courses for Freelance University, a global freelance training resource.
Over 11 years as an online business owner, providing services, training & consultancy, entirely virtual, for global clients.

I support you with my superpower...

of explaining all the techy stuff in a fun and friendly way that everyone can understand - particularly those of you who tell me all the time that you are scared of the techy stuff!

In fact, I've taught many hundreds of people around the world the skills that have helped them progress & earn more money.

I've been transforming lives, careers & businesses with my training since 1996.

Sadly many of the 'how to create an online course' courses skip over the techy stuff, or they whizz through it so quickly, with poor quality demos (if you are lucky). 

Not with me! I teach everything, including the techy stuff such as video editing, with high-quality, well-structured and properly edited demos. 

When you buy my courses... it's me who supports you.

It's so easy to start a course full of enthusiasm. But over time, it's easy for that enthusiasm to fizzle out.  

To provide personal support for you, twice a month I hold a Q&A session on Zoom. All my course participants are welcome to come along. You can ask questions, get answers, have a discussion of options. or just come along and say hello, have a chat and get to know your fellow course creators too.

I run those sessions, it's me who you supports you. You are not fobbed off into 'pods' or groups with associate coaches and so on as happens with those large, expensive courses run by 'the gurus'.

It's important to me that you get the support that you need, and the proper training that you need to get your course out of your head so it brings money into your bank account.