As with anything, there is a definite learning curve the first time you create an online course.

A learning curve is a way of describing how much time it takes to do a task. When you first try something it takes ages and a lot of trial and error. The more you do it, the faster and more efficient you are.

But what if you don't improve 'cos you just can't work out what to do? Then you are stuck in a vicious circle.

Let's apply this scenario to your desire to create an online course.

You decide you want to create a strong business asset for your business and create an online course.

You have knowledge & skill in the thing you want to teach in an online course.

BUT you don't really know where to start.

You don't know what to do.

You have a steep learning curve in front of you to climb and journey along.

First thing you need to do is acknowledge that the start of the learning curve is all about TIME.

Your time.

Time to learn what you need to learn.

Time to learn it.

Time to do it.

Time to asses your results.

And round you go, through the process. It's not really a curve is it? It's a series of iterations, where less time is spent to achieve the same result.

But if you don't learn what you need to learn,

or you don't set aside time to learn it,

or you don't set aside time to actually do it, then there is no learning going on in your learning curve is there? 

You are going round in circles, at the bottom of a cliff.

Are you going round in circles? 

I see many people who want to create an online course get stuck at that first step.

Is that where you are stuck?

You don't know what you don't know.

You've done plenty of research. Endless googling, reading, wondering, webinars and so on.

Learning not very much but getting increasingly confused and despondent.

Sound familiar?

Time is still the key factor here isn't it? 

You are spending a lot of time but not achieving anything specific. You are wasting the time that you have.

Another common problem relating to time is that you haven't allocated ENOUGH SPECIFIC BLOCKS OF TIME to make consistent progress. A bit of time here and there will rarely get you to a finished course that earns you money.

I also know from watching many others on their course creation learning curve, that the longer it takes, the less likely you are to ever get that course up and running.

So here we are. I can't make you a time machine or wave a magic wand but I CAN help you cut your learning curve. 

And I CAN make the whole process a lot more satisfying, efficient and enjoyable as you move forward through the learning and doing until your course is built, launched and the sales are popping into your bank account.

Here are 4 ways to cut your online course creation learning curve.

1. Block out frequent & adequate blocks of time, as part of your regular work routine, to work on your course. 

Make this your priority not an afterthought to be squeezed in here and there.

At first this time will be learning time. 

Then it will turn into course creation time. 

Time for course launch follows that.

And then you need regular course marketing time to ensure people know about your course and buy it.

Don't forget the time you may need to support your course buyers!

2. Follow a plan that works.

You can cut out loads of frustration and wasted time and effort by following a plan created by someone who knows how to create an effective online course. 

And make sure that the person you choose to follow feels in alignment with you and is offering support that is relevant to your situation. Where does their plan stop? Not such a silly question based on my experience and what I see being offered to unsuspecting course creation newbies, I'm sad to say.

If you are creating an arty crafty practical course then you will need to focus on creating quality technique demo videos. A lot of the high profile online course gurus often have little experience of that and their advice will not support you in doing so. You will typically need longer time and higher skills and production values for creating & editing technique demo videos. And yes, they defo will need editing. Pay no attention to anyone who says otherwise.

3. Invest in appropriate training.

Rather than trying to blunder through the whole process, putting effort into finding appropriate training will massively shorten your learning curve of course. Not all courses and programs that teach you how to create an online course are created equally! Back to the point about being in alignment with you and the type of course you want to create. 

Please don't assume that all the 'techy stuff' is truly taught by people who are experienced and effective tech teachers. It often isn't. Or worse, is just 'swept under the carpet' and ignored. Advice about just pick up a smartphone and go live on Facebook and use those videos is very common and totally useless for those of you who need to create practical demos.

Also be aware of courses where you are 'tied in' with one particular type of software platform, which may well cost you much more than you initially want to invest. Or includes tons of stuff that you just don't need, and is complex to use and manage. You are just creating yet another hurdle for yourself.

4. Get appropriate support.

We all learn differently but getting appropriate support really does help us cut through our learning curve.

What level of support will get you towards your goal, faster & easier?

If you want to join a course, program or membership... what level of support is (truly) available within it?

Will you be one of literally hundreds? Trying to be heard within a very noisy Facebook group? Maybe put into a 'pod' or smaller group? What personal access do you get with the course creator?

How long does that support last for? A few weeks whilst the course is 'running'?

Will a suitable 1-2-1 session get you started in the right direction? or will it answer questions that you are stuck on along the way and get you moving again? It could avoid you making a costly mistake in terms of equipment or platform or direction. 

How I cut through your online course creation learning curve!

If these ideas resonate with you, then perhaps you would be interested in how I can help you achieve these things, faster & easier?

My free resource, "The Crafty Online Course Creator's Workbox" may be a great place to start.

It will certainly enable you to follow a plan that works.

In there I include a 'big picture' diagram of all the steps needed to create & launch your online course.

It also includes a step-by-step checklist to guide you on your way, as well as a techy toolkit to give you ideas and inspiration about what you 'really' need.

You can sign up here.

Book me for a 1-2-1 session.

Get help to get started, chat through ideas, help pull your course outline together, think about course strategies, plan out email marketing. I've been running my online business since 2010, and have been a trainer and mentor for many years too. I can answer your questions and get you moving forward again.

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Buy 'Crafty Online Course Creation' 

My course which teaches you how to create an online course. It's particularly aimed at arty crafty creative people, but works for any small business owner. I also make a special effort to include all the techy stuff you really need, and create proper tech demos to teach you. Do you know that I've been successfully teaching techy stuff since 1996? I'm known for my ability to make things clear and simple.

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My course also includes ongoing twice per month Zoom Q&A sessions where any of my course buyers are encouraged to turn up with your questions and concerns, and celebrations, and I'm happy to answer and discuss. Sometimes you might be the only one who turns up so you get me all to yourself for an hour! It's also a great way to meet other course creators and make some friends and support each other too along the same journey. 

I don't have a time limit on courses and support is ongoing, so even when 'life gets in the way' you know I am here to cheer you on and help you keep going and making some progress towards your dreams.

I hope this has helped you get things in perspective and will encourage you to truly focus on what you need to do to make your dream, of helping more people and making money by creating and selling your online course, come true. 

My support & training + your skills & determination = your online course success.

Questions? Please Contact Me and I'm always happy to help!