Stitchery Courses article in Hornsea Community News may2024

Launching Stitchery Courses

Over the first few months of 2024, I have been busy developing and building an online directory called Stitchery Courses. It's a new online business venture for me, and it combines different aspects of my online 'audience' of professional textile artists and embroidery artists, as well as many enthusiasts for whom textile art and embroidery is their hobby. My  globally popular textile art podcast Stitchery Stories has been the key driver in gathering this community .  

I have a series of blog posts planned over here, to document my directory 'journey', starting with why I started developing it, and what's happening with my online course creation training business. 

But this post is to highlight a lovely article in my local newspaper Hornsea Community News, May2024 edition. This article showcases the launch of Stitchery Courses, and is written from the perspective of running an online 'lifestyle' business from Hornsea.  

Keep scrolling to read the text of the article.

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But Firstly... What IS Stitchery Courses?

Stitchery Courses is a unique online place 

  • to find experts who offer courses, classes, workshops and events 
  • to learn stitching, making & crafting using thread, fabric & yarn
  • organised so it's faster & easier to find them 
  • rather than endless searching through the internet!

When you browse through Stitchery Courses

  • search for and view experts who teach a specific 'stitchery' topic
  • includes in-person classes and online courses
  • view the expert, read their posts, watch their videos
  • send them an enquiry message 
  • checkout their reviews
  • click through to their website and book directly with them

If you want to GET LISTED:

  • this is MUCH MORE than 'JUST' a directory listing!
  • this is a NEW place to regularly MARKET your courses, classes, workshops & events
  • post updates and videos
  • benefit from a steady stream of perfect potential customers
  • receive messages and collect reviews
  • and there are some CRAZY EARLYBIRD deals 


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Here's What The Article About The Launch Of Stitchery Courses Said...

Do you love embroidery and textile art, quilting, sewing and other hobbies that use thread, fabric & yarn? 

Do you want to learn new skills, or give some new techniques a try... but it can be time-consuming and frustrating to search around the internet to find what you need?

Hornsea online business owner Susan Weeks has just launched to connect creative communities.

It's a colourful place to find courses & classes to learn stitching, making & crafting with thread, fabric & yarn. And it's built to make it easy to search and connect with the growing community of experts who teach their skills, online as well as in-person.

 It connects people who teach, with people who want to learn - and all focused on thread, fabric & yarn.
Hornsea has such a variety of small businesses located around the town, but not every business has a physical premises and not every business is limited to serving only local customers and clients. There are online 'lifestyle' businesses around town too!

Susan started her successful online business in 2010, whilst she was living in France. She built on skills from her corporate career in technology and training, and served clients around the world, alongside developing online courses in popular small business software and apps. Relocating back to East Yorkshire in 2013, Sue chose Hornsea 'cos she loved the family-friendly coastal community.

But alongside all the 'techy stuff', Sue has a lifelong love of textile art and embroidery. She set up Stitchery Stories, her globally popular textile art podcast in 2017, and when the pandemic hit in 2020 she dived in to support creative business owners in quickly moving their teaching online, by teaching them how to use Zoom and also how to create online versions of their in-person classes.

And therefore, Stitchery Courses is Sue's latest business evolution where she brings together her online business skills, her podcast community of textile art & embroidey fans, and as a way to help her creative business connections to consistently market their classes & courses.

Community, connection and creativity. This is what Hornsea is all about, so it's no surprise that an online business based here also strives to achieve those things too!

So why not pop over to and find a fun course to learn stitching, making & crafting with thread, fabric & yarn. And please share with your friends so they can join in the fun too!

Hornsea Community News article on stitchery courses launch and founder  Susan Weeks may2024

What Local Publicity Can You Make Use Of For Your Business?

Even 'just' getting an article in my local newspaper has given me plenty of buzz to share on my social media. The local business group I'm a member of Hornsea Collective has also shared about it. 

I've had several new follows on Facebook and Instagram from local people who are interested in creativity with fabric, thread and yarn. Plus, new visits to the Directory that I can track via Google Analytics. 

Hornsea is a visitor town, and plenty of visitors will have picked up a copy of Hornsea Community News too to see what's going on.

And I've written this blog post to capture the  moment and provide a way for non-local people to read the content too.

Oh and now I've written this blog post, then I will post an update to my Google Business Profile which I use to capture my local business activity. 

I was also pleased I had a lovely relevant photo 'ready to go' from a large collection of professionally taken business lifestyle branding photos I had done over 12 months as part of the fabulous Visibility School membership run by Maryann Scott. I've used so many of those lovely photos many, many times. I highly recommend making an investment in a wide variety of 'proper' photographs that capture you 'in action' - not just one rigid 'headshot' photo...

Lots of marketing opportunities from one local newspaper article! 

Anyway, I'm pulling a list together of where I could get a print article, and also finding some relevant livestreams and podcasts to be a guest on too! 

What could you do?

Always cheering you on!

Sue xxx