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Learn HOW to AVOID this Costly Online Course Creation Mistake

Sharing a story which highlights a VERY COMMON mistake that wannabee online course creators make - and some training to learn how to avoid it. You don't need to waste endless months on working out where you can 'put' your online course. You can learn what you need to know in 60 minutes with me. Discover how.
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Online Course Training Masterclass : How To Choose The Right Platform For Your Online Course

Online course training masterclass on choosing the right platform for your online course: a practical guide to making the BEST CHOICE FOR YOU Stop wasting more precious time and mental headspace on sorting out where to 'put' your course. Attend this masterclass, take action and move onto more valuable parts of online course creation... such as audience building and marketing!
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Online Course Creation Tips! What Techy Stuff & Equipment Do You Need

Are you avoiding creating an online course 'cos you are very worried about 'the techy stuff'? Quick online course creation tip. Here's a list of basic techy stuff - tools and equipment that you need to start your online course creation. Grab my FREE Techy Toolbox here
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Do You Teach Art & Craft Classes In-Person & Not Online?

Is this you? Are you an artist, crafter, maker. Do you teach in-person art & craft classes and workshops? And DON'T offer online versions (NOT talking about using Zoom here). Why Not? You don't have to choose between one or the other you know! You can have BOTH and get the BEST of both worlds. And a stronger business with more profits & less stress! What's not to love? And I'm here to help you so it's faster and easier for you too.
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How Long Does It Take To Create An Online Course?

Here is a different viewpoint to your question on how long to create an online course! You can boost profits faster because it takes much less time to create an online VERSION of an existing in-person course than starting from scratch. Leverage your in-person classes and create profitable online on-demand versions FASTER and EASIER with my help.