blog post to help you re-write your craft tutor bio to help people buy your classes

When did you last review your 'craft tutor bio'? 

If you are you an artist / crafter / maker who runs in-person classes at someone else's event or venue, then your 'meet the tutor' bio is one of the few things you can control. Make it work harder!

If you teach in-person classes, I am bringing together different ways to help you to make more profit with less stress. That's why I am 'The Crafty Course Profit Booster'.

This week I have explored ways to help you make more profit from your in-person classes by attracting more buyers by helping them to buy!

Let me explain...

Here is a problem I noticed last year. And again this year.

I know many artists / crafters / makers who teach in-person classes.
And I know that it's 'a very big thing' when you are accepted (or invited) to be a guest tutor at someone else's event or venue.

For example, you are selected to be a craft tutor to run workshops at The Knitting & Stitching Show, or The Festival Of Quits. Big events, with a large workshop program, and your workshops and you, are one of many.

You provide the organisers with your headshot, your craft tutor bio, and your arty crafty class outline & details.
The venue / organisers are the ones who market the event, and who take the bookings.

In this situation, the only thing that you can control 

is the power of your tutor bio and class outline to attract buyers.

So here is the problem I've spotted.

Recently, for research, I've scrolled through the craft tutor sections at Knitting & Stitching shows and Festival Of Quilts, as well as for a couple of venues where they host guest tutors too.

Frankly, most of the craft tutor bios are dreadful.

Does that seem harsh?
Are you wondering now if your 'meet the tutor' bio is attracting or repelling buyers?
Is it working as hard for you as it could be?

A large proportion of the tutor bios I've looked at recently follow the same trend.
They often provide a load of random, irrelevant details about you, that don't help anyone choose you as a tutor.
Even more concerning - so many don't even include a link to your website or anywhere relevant!

A shocking waste of opportunity to be discovered and attract more buyers. Even if someone doesn't buy your class for the event, they could follow you, pop over to your website, sign up for a free class etc. Don't make it bloody difficult for them!

Notice that's twice I've used the term, attract more buyers.

I know the feeling...we all know the feeling....
It can feel really hard to know what to say in our marketing, and we get all hung up about 'being salesy' and feeling / sounding desperate cos we 'must' make more sales.

But there is a far kinder, less stressful way to approach this problem.

In essence, we focus on our buyers.

It's more helpful to structure our info, such as our 'tutor bio', with our buyer as the focus, NOT us!
And to write that, we are going to dive inside their heads.

  • What is going on in their head whilst they are searching for what you sell.
  • What questions and fears are going round their head whilst they are checking out your bio, or reading your class outline?
  • What information do they really need.
  • And how can you 'package' your stuff so they actually want to buy it?
  • Imagine the profit-boosting power of this in your business!

This is known as 'buyer enablement'.

You are helping people to buy your stuff.
And I have a very good friend, Winnie Anderson, who is totally ACE at it.

So I was thinking about this 'crappy tutor bio' problem. It's a problem I recognise but I am not the right person to teach you how to solve it! 

I decided the best way to help you, was to interview Winnie.

We are going to look at the power of helping your buyer to buy.
And we are going to work step by step through a structure to help you write a buyer focused 'craft tutor bio'.

You will even be given a worksheet with prompts to help you write your own.
It's going to be a gamechanger for you... and it's going to be our FREE gift to you!

This is going to be the most powerful craft bio idea you use.

The cool thing is that once you start to switch your thinking on this, you will be able to use the ideas in so many places. When you meet people in real-life, in your social media bios, on your website 'About Us', on your sales pages.

But we will start gently by writing your 'tutor bio'. Help you stand out from the crowd and attract people to buy your stuff.

If you want me to let you know when it's available for you (towards the end of October) then why not drop me an email. 

You know I'm always cheering you on,

Sue xxx

PS. this will help you attract more buyers to your classes and help them buy