faster and easier online course creation

So many stressed creative small business owners share several reasons with me why they just can't seem to start their online course creation. 

Don't know where to start.

Don't know what to do.

Worried about all the 'techy' stuff.

Can't seem to find the time to get on with it!

Frustrated at lack of proper progress.

Confused by all the conflicting 'advice' out there.

No-one talks about creating online courses for creative, arty, crafty, practical topics.

Are you nodding your head to any of these?

All of these reasons upset me. 'cos I know I can help with my practical, down-to-earth training, advice & support.

I know it's a very noisy place, out there in 'online course creation world'. Lots of (multi) millionaire online course gurus with their large teams and massive ads budget make it hard for a 'micro biz' like me to make my mark and get my offers out so you can even know I exist. And yet I continue to show up and develop unique ways in which I can help you make progress with your online course creation dreams. 

I'm different from all those gurus...

I want to offer training & support in online course creation that the big guru's can't even be arsed to do.

Smaller, personal, practical experiences that are particularly suited to creative topics.

Inspiration From A Bike Ride

A few weeks ago I was getting me & my mountain bike ready for a bike ride. The usual stuff. Got my route planned. Checked my bike. Pumped up my tyres. And whilst I was riding along I had a few bright ideas about how I could further help you get over your 'hurdles' and actually get started creating your online course.

The typical suggestion when faced with a project such as creating an online course is to make a plan.

BUT I realised that creating a workable plan for online course creation was tricky for many reasons. Maybe you are just not used to making plans for projects like this. And if you don't know what to do, and don't know how long things might take, cos you're still stuck in endless 'research', then how can you possibly make a decent plan?

Why do you need a plan?

Well it keeps you organised and moving towards your goal. Just like my route planning for my bike ride. I knew where I was going - no need to aimlessly cycle in circles! And if you have an idea how long things might take, then it's easier to carve out time in your life to get this done. Just like my bike ride. I had a couple of hours, so planned a route to make the best use of that time.

Pump Up Your Plan for online course creation

So I came up with 'Pump Up Your Plan' to breath new life into your online course creation dreams and get started

The sooner you can get started, the sooner you are finished and can sell it. 

The sooner you can watch excitedly as those first course sales pop into your bank account and you FEEL EPIC!

I want to help you pull together a solid practical plan, based on my years of experience in planning projects & creating online courses.

I want to teach you all the steps that are involved in creating a course. Not just the actual course content creation but all the things you need to learn, research, decide, practice, create, do, test, edit.

I want to help you make your plan by giving you my proven plan, PLUS time estimates.

I want to be there for you, to hold your hand and answer your questions.

My initial intention was to run it as an interactive online workshop via Zoom.

Break it into sections of teaching & doing, with lots of Q&A time, so that you walk away with your course creation plan done and ready to get to work.

Picking a date & time that works for everyone is tricky!

I set aside the first Tuesday of each month to run this with a limit of 10 participants so you all get plenty of attention & help.

Looking at feedback I've had, then perhaps running this on a specific date & time is not convenient, so I'm now thinking of ways to do this so you get to learn & plan on a timescale that fits in with your business & life.

Anyway, what's included in Pump Up Your Plan?

  • A unique way to learn all the steps needed to create an online course.
  • My proven course creation plan, all in a useful Trello board.
  • Time estimates for each step, so you can add your dates & make it your own.
  • Small group experience & my personal help & feedback.
  • Feel confident that you can make the most of your time and always know what to work on next.
  • But above all else... know that every step you make in your course creation efforts is taking you closer & closer to those course sales and profits in your bank account!

YES! Every step is taking you closer to building a financially secure & resilient business from recording your expertise once and selling it many times over.

Next Pump Up Your Plan is scheduled for Tuesday 5th April

Check out the details for Pump Up Your Plan here.

And any questions, then contact me or message me on social media if you prefer.

Here is a quick social media promo video I created using Canva!