image showing a range of digital tools for an article sharing 3 questions to help you choose tech tools for small business

When you need to research and choose digital tech tools for small business, use these 3 questions to go from confused to clear..

When you are working on your business, you will have to research and choose (and use) a variety of online digital tech tools, apps, or software. And crickey! that's a scary thought!

Sadly it's also a point at which so many small business owners start to struggle and are frightened of making the wrong decision. And frankly, a lot of wrong decisions are made, which create a large amount of frustration and a lot of wasted time and money.

I've worked online for 12 years, and have spent most of that time serving online business owners, and have witnessed so many times the results of making poor decisions when it comes to choosing online 'techy stuff'. I've had to fix a lot of problems over the years.

During that time, I've also spent a few years as a mentor to other freelancers and virtual business owners, answering questions and providing guidance. And my whole career has focused on using technology and training.

From my experience I've pulled together 3 powerful questions that you can use to think about a digital tool. They are fundamental guiding principles that will help you make a decision, or prompt further research and questions.

I went live on Instagram this week to explain these 3 questions to use when you choose digital online tech tools for small business .

Here is the video. 

And underneath, are the key points.

1. Keep Control

are you in control or are you giving away your control to something or someone else?

2. Fit For Purpose?

is it good enough and suitable for you at your level of business, techy abilities, and budget

3. A Quality User Experience?

are you providing an appropriate quality experience for your PAYING customers?

Don't Struggle: Get Help!

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