image with susan weeks 20 reasons to create an online course

Wondering If It's Worth It To Create An Online Course For Your Business? Here's 20 Reasons!

You are interested in creating an online course, and everyone says it's such a great thing to do! But is it really, you wonder? Are the reasons to create an online course applicable to you?

Last week I did an Instagram Live to talk about this very topic. I started with what I thought would be 10 strong reasons / benefits.  As I played it back whilst creating it into a YouTube video, I realised I had actually listed at least 20 benefits.

Here they are, just in a basic list.

The video further down will provide examples & explanations!

1. Provides strategic business growth... without actually growing!

2. It's all entirely under your control... it can't be cancelled or affected by anyone else.

3. Enables you to build a business rather than a job.

4. A course helps you to STOP trading time for money.

5. Creating an online course based business is scale-able and do-able by yourself.

6. It adds variety & leverage into your business model.

7. A course provides different ways for people to work with you.

8. It can provide a 'cheaper' more budget-friendly way for clients to work with you.

9. The course enables you to free up your time and stop endless repetition.

10. It really helps you build financial independence with a reliable and resilient source of income.

11. A course can free up your time so you can work with higher-value clients.

12. You are positioned as an expert when you create an online course. 

13. You now have access to the whole world to help with your courses.

14. Your course can impact others in a variety of ways suited to their learning style and timescales.

15. A course doesn't have to be only about business & money. A hobby-based course can help bring more joy and creativity into someone's life.

16. Creating a course is a step-by-step process that you can learn.

17. Minimise the risk and time-wasting by following a proven process.

18. Integrate your course as part of your process / service.

19. There is EXCELLENT return on investment from a course - it will very quickly pay back your investment of time and money, and with low student numbers too!  

20. When you follow the pilot course / founding members strategy, then you actually get paid to create your course!

Sounds Good?

If you want to dive into the details and spark off ideas where an online course can help your business, then grab a cuppa and watch this 30 minute video.

If these reasons to create an online course have inspired you to take action, then why not save yourself a ton of time and effort and grab my gift to you?

I look forward to helping you make your online course dream into a money making reality.

I’m cheering you on!

Sue xxx