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Learn How To Create An Online Course (Without Going Crazy)

OK, you've decide that you want to boost your business income by adding an online course. You are excited! You want to learn how to create an online course, and start looking for the best options for you. So many people want to learn arty crafty skills, and you will be able to reach and teach people around the world. It's a booming market right now, and will only grow. Jump on now. People will learn from you... or your competitors!

This is quite a long post, but I do encourage you to take a few minutes, because, honestly, this post will help you to think about what you truly need from online course training. It will also help you to understand where my course 'fits' into the rest of the stuff offered online, that you may think is the only way to learn how to create an online course.  

Let's dive in!

Crickey! There are a LOT of people selling an online course, or a membership, or a book, on how to create an online course.

 In my previous post, I wrote about the choices and price points for online course training that you will find. I listed some of the pros and cons of what's typically available.

To be honest, there are a lot things that I don't like about the way 'the gurus' market & structure their courses. True they sell millions of pounds worth of courses, so who really cares about my opinion? They dominate the online course creation space, but I know that their courses are NOT the experience that everyone wants and thrives under.

Mid-life creative women business owners... is this you?

I know that many mid-life creative business owners, particularly women, really crave a more personal connection and experience. They are often worried about all the techy stuff, and it holds them back, which is a shame. It makes me feel really sad.

Many creatives are also more introverted, and need to spend time working through things in their own time and space, not marching to the drum beat of the course guru. A small group experience and proper step-by-step instruction is also necessary.

An appropriate level of gentle encouragement and accountability is also very helpful. And let's not under-estimate the power of being in a small group with other arty crafty souls, supporting each other as you create courses with lots of video demos as you teach embroidery, quilting, crochet, textile art.... 

I know my help is needed.

How do I know this?

During 2020 I had many, many conversations with mid-life, female, creative business owners about their dreams, desires, hurdles & fears around creating, launching and marketing an online course.

I realised that I was in the perfect place and time to bring together all my

  •  corporate training experience, 
  •  online business experience
  •  course creation experience
  •  mentoring & training experience
  •  and my 'accidental audience' of creatives who followed by Stitchery Stories podcast.

And so "Crafty Online Course Creation" was born!

It is an online course that teaches you how to create an online course. I created it specifically for crafty creative business owners, typically mid-life women,  who want to learn how to create an online course around their craft, art, hobby, or active business.

If you're not crafty, then don't worry, it works for everyone else too!

For example, in Module 5 we look at how to film your hands (or your activity) if you need to do demos. This is a very important aspect of creating an online course if you are teaching a craft, skill, activity. 

Sadly, since most course creators are not tech trainers, and are not involved in a physical activity or a creative hobby, then this sort of stuff gets overlooked.

I ensure that you truly learn everything you need to go from course zero to course hero.

This morning I made a daft Instagram Reel based on a clip of 'Crazy', a 1961 hit for Patsy Kline.  Here's a link to view it

I realised that the ways in which 'the big online course gurus' organise their courses & programmes which teach online course creation are actually 'crazy'. They offer the training at scale, with many hundreds (thousands!) all taking part at the same time. It's run according to their schedule, timings and so on. Fair enough. And therefore there are limits to how it is offered to make it practical to run like that.

Don't get me wrong! Those programmes have created a lot of success for many people.

 My point is however, that the structure and format isn't suited to everyone. There are different choices available.

Thinking about that situation from YOUR point of view, the way in which I organise my online course training is the exact opposite.

Here are the benefits to you created by the way I run my online course training programme, Crafty Online Course Creation.

1. You can start when you prefer. You don't have to languish on a waiting list, awaiting 'cart open day'

2. There is no pressure to rush at someone else's pace. You work at your own pace.

3. No pre-set live sessions to attend, where the training is delivered via rambling FB lives! You work through properly planned and edited, short, action-focused videos with checklists & worksheets to help capture your thoughts in one place.

4. There is no specific schedule, so you can't 'fall behind', and don't have to be in 'catch up' mode all the time. Always feeling behind is a key reason why people actually give up.

5. But I do provide accountability to you by offering an open Q&A / chat on Zoom twice per month. You meet other creative souls who are also on the same course creation journey as you. Swap ideas. and ask me whatever questions you need an answer for. 

I can answer most questions about just about anything around online marketing, video & audio editing, social media etc. I've even shared my screen and done ad-hoc demos how to do stuff in Canva, or other platforms! It's a small group experience, with lots of personal attention.

6. and talking of personal attention. For those large courses, you rarely get any personal interaction with the course host. That is frequently delegated to 'associate coaches' or people who did the course last time! 

With my courses, you get me. You are getting my 30 years tech & training experience, and my 12 years running an online business experience too. Also I've been a paid mentor and trainer for a leading online freelancer training platform. I've been doing this stuff for many years.

7. Whilst this course will help anyone create an online course, it is particularly suited to creatives. All you arty, crafty, handy, sporty business owners. I have made sure that we talk about the challenges & practicalities of filming ourselves doing demo's of our 'thing'. Certainly when doing craft based demos, there is a lot to consider, especially lighting, sound, and juggling equipment and wires and stuff! And whilst doing it with what we have or budget friendly gear. Although I'm not a professional artist, and textile art is my hobby, I have a deep understanding and love of art, craft, and making. I 'get you' as my course participants often say!

8. I also consider the issues in 'converting' a Zoom / livestreamed workshop and turning it into an on-demand pre-recorded online course. There is more to think about than you would at first imagine.

9. For the 'techy stuff' again it is all in properly planned out and properly edited short tech demo videos. Remember I've been teaching techy stuff to hundreds of people since 1996! 

Many mid-life ladies who are worried about 'all the tech' have told me how much they enjoyed my training, how much it helped them and how confident they felt afterwards and ready to move forward using tech in their business, not just for creating an online course.

10. This is a very niche course for a specific audience. If you are an artist, a crafter, a maker, or play an instrument or sport, and you want to create an online course to teach 'your thing' then Crafty Online Course Creation is a unique course in a crowded and very noisy, over-hyped marketplace.

11. Finally, let's talk about the money.

I'm going to be a blunt Yorkshire lass here. "Crafty Online Course Creation" is very well priced. In fact my coach is pushing me to raise the price significantly.  The cheapest way to buy a course online is always going to be the 'pay in full' price.

At time of writing my pay in full price is £497. That price will be rising on 1st May to £750.

Typical prices for the big heavily marketed, once per year, courses are at least £1000, often £1500 and now some are at the £2000 price bracket.

They cost much more, and, I hope I've highlighted above how much value I offer and how much more personal connection and interactivity I provide. As well as a high quality course and training that you should expect anyway.

Even at £497 it can feel a worrying stretch, I understand that. I've been there many times before on my online journey. But I know that an online course very quickly replays back the investment you made in learning how to create it. How many courses do you have to sell to re-coup your initial investment. 10 x £50? 5 x £100? 2 x £250. 1 x £500?

We are not talking about massive numbers. Just a handful of sales will re-pay what you have spent.

I have put in place a new payment plan of 6 months at £99 per month. A brilliant way to help you get started, but a much riskier business decision for me! I will keep an eye on how long to offer that for, and how to adjust it when the 'one pay' price increases in May to £750.

And the one thing that I absolutely know to be true.

 I have got to where I am, and have made major changes in my life & business with the support of others. I have bought courses to learn new skills. I have had several different coaches. And I know that I might have been able to move forwards trying to cobble together some free stuff, BUT it would have been a time consuming & very frustrating process. Our most precious resource is TIME. It is priceless. And investing in the right level of training and support truly saves a massive amount of time and frustration, and supports us to move forward as we desire.

PHEW! I hope this post has helped you to assess what you need and want from an online course  to learn how to create an online course

I'm here to support you whilst you create your online course and enjoy the sales popping into your bank account.

My course & training will transform you from fuzzy ideas and tech worries to a confident course creator.

Here's the link to the Sales Page.

If you want a chat about anything, have any questions about the course then  please get in touch. I'd LOVE to chat with you!

And any questions, please use the Contact Form.

One Last Thing!

Price is going up on May 1st 2022. Today is the perfect day to get started and learn how to create an online course. 

I look forward to helping you make your online course dream into a money making reality.

I’m cheering you on!

Sue xxx