Trusted small business legal advice can be tricky to find at an affordable price. But it is crucial if you are selling online courses, or running in-person classes. 

In this post I explain how I get the help I need, and share a video where I am a guest of Suzanne Dibble, the fabulous small business legal expert. 

Keep scrolling past the video for 'the back story'!

Hands up if you know deep-down that your knowledge and application of legal matters in your small business is rather flaky at best?

You are not alone! For years I pottered along in my business knowing that I really didn't have the right legal protections in place. BUT I didn't have the budget for personalised small business legal advice and so just crossed my fingers and did the best I could. 

It was also tricky to find a trusted resource to try and learn from. A lot of stuff online was from the USA - no use to us here in the UK.

That all changed back in 2018 when I discovered Suzanne Dibble. It was at the start of the panic about GDPR, when we all realised that yes, it did affect us and we had to do something. We didn't have a clue what that something was however!

Suzanne started her marathon daily live videos about all the aspects of GDPR and her training, thoughts and guidance were an absolute life-saver. I joined her Small Business Legal Academy for guides, checklists and templates to help me put the 'legal stuff' in place. I bought her GDPR For Dummies book when that was published. 

And when she launched her 'Savvy Shay Business Club' I jumped straight in. This provides legal training & guidance, specifically aimed at the needs of micro-entrepreneurs and small businesses.

It's invaluable to ask questions at the weekly legal surgeries, and attend the monthly training sessions. Suzanne also runs a quarterly 'implementation sprint' focused on a 'meaty' legal topic, such as:

  • GDPR, 
  • Copyright  Protection, 
  • Trademark Application, 
  • Terms & Conditions for Selling Online etc.

I see this as an investment into my business.

But this legal knowledge and confidence that I am building up also enables me to support my clients and students.

NO I am NOT playing at being a lawyer.

I can however highlight areas where my course participants need to increase their legal knowledge. 

I use this as evidence that my knowledge and support to my course creation participants is VERY DIFFERENT from that available within those large, often USA based course creation self-styled 'guru' programmes.

In January 2023, Suzanne was running a GDPR Implementation Sprint, which included the changes and updates that have happened as the legislation has evolved, and also what has happened in the UK following from the dreaded B word...Brexit

I had previously shared some 'legal wins' within the Savvy Shay group, so Suzanne invited me to chat with her about those during that week. It was lovely to share my story and I hope that other small business owners can feel inspired that help is available, and that with some knowledge and confidence, you can organise what you need, even if you are up against a global platform!

Learning and applying what I learn through my small business legal advice membership has been invaluable. 

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