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Here are some craft business strategy tips to help you grow profits and shrink your stress!

Feeling exhausted after a crazy last few months in your craft business?

You are NOT ALONE! 

I've seen so many sad posts from my creative friends. Artists, crafters, makers, who are feeling ill and exhausted after their crazy run-up to Christmas. And I'm not talking about the usual family demands and social activities.

Posts like these from craft business owners:

  • made themselves ill after standing about in the cold weather at craft fairs
  • exhausted after endless making
  • stressed after all the christmas delivery hassles
  • craft fairs cancelled
  • craft fairs poorly attended
  • cancellations due to illness - theirs / family / attendees
  • loads of last minute hassles
  • lots of in-person classes to deliver in short periods of time
  • crappy weather
  • increasing costs - venue hire, home studio heating
  • transport hassles

WOW - its a lot of pain to deal with!

and all guaranteed to kill off your creative spark and remove any joy from your creative business!


And most of it is outside of your control...isn't it?


A lot of what you were doing was as a result of decisions that you took. Does your craft business strategy actually serve you and create the lifestyle and creative business that you dream of? 

I am encouraging you to take a long hard look at what you did in your business over the last quarter of 2022.

  1. Where did the most PROFIT come from?
  2. What activities were just not worth doing again.
  3. What can you do differently to plan for this year so that you don't make yourself ill, and actually make a reasonable profit?

It makes me so sad to see my arty, crafty maker friends have to deal with all this!

So I've a few thoughts and ideas for you in this video.

This video is around 30 minutes, so I'm sure it's time to take a break, grab a cuppa and spend some time ON your business.  

I got some great feedback, views and comments - this topic really resonated.

I got some great comments, so I re-purposed those into images and made another Instagram post, a carousel post,  to follow-up and keep momentum going.

This is the post on Instagram.

How can you re-purpose things and use comments as social proof testimonials?

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