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Canva Training Course : Create It All Using Canva

The last couple of weeks I have been working in the background to get my new Canva training course ready for sale. As usual I followed my proven course preparation checklist, and worked from my course inventory to make sure nothing is forgotten! There are so many 'moving parts' when getting a course ready for sale.

What is Canva?

If you don't know, Canva is an online graphic design tool with a fabulous free account level as well as a simple paid account called Canva Pro. You can use Canva to design many different types of graphics, do basic photo editing and use some cool graphic tools and effects, as well as documents, presentations and yes, even videos! 

It also comes with a massive library of ready to use and adapt templates, so you can 'start inspired', and a massive stock image library too which includes photos, graphical elements, video and audio clips.

Everything you need to easily create a range of digital assets for your business, and not just for content creation & marketing. You can also create digital products to sell such as templates, ebooks, workbooks, and planners. There is also print on demand capability for selling 'merch' and of course it's invaluable when creating online courses for sale too!

If you are a service provider, freelancer, virtual assistant, then clients are always keen to hire freelancers with confident Canva skills.

Canva is not 'just' a graphic design tool for making pretty social media quotes! 
It's a money making tool for our business! 

BUT these things are only possible if you know what you can really do with Canva.

You can find some Free Canva training in YouTube can't you?

Even though it is well-designed, and well laid out, like many online tools, Canva can become a frustrating time-suck if you only ever learn by trial and error! And it's hard to keep up with all the changes & new stuff coming along! I know that many of my business friends have pottered along trying to pick up some Canva skills here and there. 

Does that sound like you?

You've done well to learn what you have BUT I bet there is so much that you could use in Canva if only you know it was there OR could think of a way to use it?

Of course, you can go disappear down the black hole that is YouTube.....

There are TONS of FREE videos in YouTube around Canva. Literally hundreds & hundreds.

Which is part of the problem.

Who actually has the time to shuffle through all the outdated and rambling Canva videos on YouTube?

Creating effective tech training videos is a specific skill and frankly, so many of those video creators don't have those skills! 

Remember that YouTube is a video sharing platform and that people are putting up videos on Canva to either generate leads into their business OR very typically in the case of Canva, to promote their Canva affiliate link. Hence the prevalence of long, rambling videos that you have to sift through to find the 5 minute section you are really looking for.

Why I created my Canva training course.

In a nutshell, I want you to STOP wasting so much time and energy faffing about in Canva, only using a fraction of it's features. Move past the samey social media stuff.

I want you to START to confidently create digital business assets that will earn you money one way or another. Unleash your creative confidence. Enjoy your new skills that help you be visible and recognisable.

With many years experience as a techy course creator, I structure my courses with short & clear step-by-step demos & tutorials. The learning path has been carefully designed so your learning and skills build with each step in a logical and confidence-building way.

So often when I am chatting about Canva with my business friends, they will ask me how I did a certain thing. And so often when I reply 'I made it with Canva' they look surprised and reply, "I didn't know you could do that in Canva!" 

Learn how to make videos using Canva

One of the biggest struggles I see and hear about every day is about creating videos.

This is particularly true of my mid-life, creative business owner friends.

Their lack of video skills is holding them back, and stunting their visibility..

It's holding back their business growth.

Is lack of video skills holding you back?

Are you nodding your head?

Are you struggling with making videos?

Well the good news is that over the last year or so, Canva have really upped their game around video creation.

We have all their awesome creative features and now we can make videos too.

1. Make short little GIFS,

2. Create basic videos from a series of photos & images.

3. Record ourselves presenting.

4. Upload video clips and make them look good.

5. Add multiple audio tracks, so for example, you speaking over a quiet background track.

6. Make simple Reels for Instagram.

7. Video Idea Pins for Pinterest

8. Create simple videos for social media ads.

9. Use all the fab backgrounds, frames, animated graphics and thousands of handy stock video and audio clips.

Video is given priority in the social media platforms. You might have realised that Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app. It's a video sharing platform. Video also does well on Pinterest.

So one of the biggest benefits from following my training is that you will be able to (finally) create a variety of different styles of video, all within Canva.

Here is a quick clip form one video I made entirely within Canva - even recording me.

This is actually the start of the wrap-up video in my Canva course.

Canva For online course creators

If you are a budding online course creator then you may be worried about 'techy stuff'.

Well, up-levelling your skills from a high quality Canva training course will certainly benefit your online course creation.

When you are creating an online course, you will need to create:

  • graphics,
  • video thumbnails,
  • presentations,
  • videos,
  • checklists, documents, workbooks, planners, PDFs
  • course image,
  • sales page graphics, hero image
  • testimonial graphics


all your marketing stuff - images, videos, reels etc

When you have confident Canva skills then you can get all this stuff created far quicker and easier and move through your course creation plans without tons of frustration. 

You will feel absolutely epic when you breeze through all your creative stuff 'cos finally you have the proper skills to support your business dreams.

What's included in "Create It All Using Canva"?

Step-by-step unleash your creative confidence

Create graphics, documents, presentations & videos

Make Yourself Visible

Market Your Business

Sell Digital Products

Learn In-Demand Skills

Attract Better Clients

All the details are on the sales page and you can start today.

And as a course participant, you are invited to my twice a month Q&A 'Course Chat' zooms where you can ask me anything about the course you are taking, or chat through ideas, or ask for feedback etc from the me and the other like-minded creative souls who are also taking my courses. 

It's a small group experience so you get lots of time to ask your questions and get the support you need. You can of course ask any questions within the course platform and I will answer as soon as I can.

I look forward to helping you learn confident Canva skills that benefit your business in multiple ways!

I’m cheering you on!

Sue xxx