Take A Peek Inside My Canva Training Course

Wanna take a peek inside my NEW Canva training course?

The video is at the bottom of this page.

Why have I created a 'tour' of the inside of my Canva course?  

To be honest, there are a lot of things about 'the online course industry' that I don't like.

I don't like the lack of clarity about what the course looks like inside.

Yes, we get told what's included in the sales page and other marketing content BUT that's not the same as being shown exactly what it looks like.

I've bought some courses that are frankly inadequate when you get inside.

One course, from a 'big name guru' starts off ok but then the videos turn into a real 'hotch-potch' of rambling videos. They have been taken from some rambling live zoom sessions, obviously from when the course was first run live.  So we get questions and interaction with a  group that we can't see and were never part of. Many of those videos last for 90 minutes. I have almost given up working through 'the course' cos the user experience is so poor. 

The learning points are good, but are lost. 

It also means that I have to block out a couple of hours to learn something. That makes it more inconvenient to even start the 'training'. Those videos could have been split down and edited properly. Split up into teaching and then the group interaction, if we want to dive deeper. 

The course host keeps telling us how many millions they make each year. It's a shame therefore that they didn't make more of an effort to provide something good. They are well-known so I guess they can 'get away' with such an inadequate user experience? So annoying!

I want to stand out in the crowded online course niche.

 So it's important to me that people who are interested in my course can see what they will actually get. 

  • To see inside the course. 
  • Know how their questions will be answered. 
  • Be aware of WHO will be giving them support.

The answer is simple here.

It's my course so it's ME who will be answering questions & supporting you.

That is not always the case in the large courses, with hundreds of participants. They have to get extra help to cope with the workload. The course creator can't support all the people they bring into the course.

I also want to highlight the contents and learning structure within my Canva training course.

When looking for a Canva training course there SEEMS to be many options available. An overwhelming choice, in fact. 

But when you dig into what is available, you will quickly discover that although there are hundreds of free canva videos, on YouTube for example, they are actually marketing videos and NOT properly designed training videos. 

They are OK for a quick demo if you know exactly what you are looking for. Most are actually affiliate marketing, with the creator using them to promote their Canva Pro affiliate link. 

It's difficult to wade through what is current information, and what is now wrong.

Learning things in the correct order is also very difficult. It's all very random.

As a different approach, I have created a well-designed Canva training course which guides you step-by-step in short, well-structured tutorials. 

Your learning builds with each video.

My course is called "Create It All Using Canva". 

This video gives you a tour of it's contents so it's VERY clear what you are getting when you buy this course. 

Any questions or comments, please Contact Me. I switched off the comments capability a long time ago 'cos I'm so bored with all the crappy spammers spoiling comments for us all!

I look forward to helping you learn confident Canva skills that benefit your business in multiple ways!

I’m cheering you on!

Sue xxx