whats biggest challenge for wannabee online course creators

Wannabee online course creators struggle with the juggle of how to make time to create an online course!

So many newbie online course creators struggle with spending enough time to actually make solid progress with their online course creation. 

It's certainly the biggest challenge I see people struggling with.

They wonder how to make time to create their online course.

Every week.

They start with all the best course creation intentions.

But time slips away from them as they struggle with juggling all the things they have filled their time with.

Their momentum fades away and then they feel too ashamed to get back into the swing of things and their course creation dreams slowly die.

Does this sound like you?

It doesn't have to be like that! But it's up to you to get a grip of your schedule so you make time to create your online course.

I did an Instagram Live today talking about this problem.

It really is the biggest challenge that wannabee online course creators face.

Here is the video. 

And underneath, are the key points.

Creating an online course is important for your business, right? 

If so, then it's important to MAKE TIME for working on it.

1. Yes, you do have to MAKE TIME.

You have to be very purposeful about how you allocate your time, energy and money to achieve your business dreams. So often people talk about 'finding time' to do something, as if time is just lying around everywhere, waiting for us to pick it up in passing.

But we know it doesn't work like that, don't we?

Take a good look at what you are spending all your time doing and decide what you can DITCH, DELEGATE or DEFER so you can DO your course instead. 

What are you going to say NO to?

I love to use TIME BLOCKING to organise my time, it helps me keep focused on the important stuff.

Can you make 15 or even 30 minutes of time everyday to work on your course creation? 

Block out that time everyday. Make course creation your new habit.

Start building momentum.

Ok so you block out some time... then what? 

Don't waste it!

2. Spend some time with your plan.

I have created a plan for you to follow as part of my FREE Course Creation Quick Start.

If you have already downloaded that, then maybe it's time to re-visit it, and use it.

If you want to grab it and save yourself a ton of time and frustration go here.

When you get to grips with breaking this course creation project into small steps and actions, it will help you get your head around how you can break your course topic into small steps too. 

Also when you have a clear and practical plan, it's easier to keep track of what you are working on, so that you keep focused. The precious time you do have isn't wasted by wondering what to do next.

3. Get some useful accountability & support.

Some online courses only provide support for you for a set number of weeks, and it's often NOT with the person from whom you bought the course! It's easy to 'feel behind' and always be 'playing catchup'. Those feelings totally add to your emotional load, and make you feel overwhelmed, overloaded and lost.

That's why I run my Crafty Online Course Creation online course with no time limits.

You can work at your own pace BUT use the twice monthly Zoom Q&A sessions as accountability. Being able to discuss stuff and also ask questions on anything also provides a valuable way to help and support you to keep moving forward.

You don't have to struggle alone.

4. Get paid to create your online course! You'll make time for it then!

A key course creation strategy is to 'pre-sell' your course before it is even finished!

What! YIKES!!!!

Offer a limited number of places, at a typically lower price than you intend to offer the course for after launch. You 'hand-hold' this group of students, developing your course and tweaking according to student feedback and success. Refine as you go.

This gives you brilliant motivation.

You get to test if people actually want to pay for your 'pilot course.' 

You get paid to actually create it.

Therefore you are forced to clear the decks of all the stuff you are doing and focus on creating your course, typically week by week.

5. Don't Struggle: Get Help!

If you know you need help to get on with your course and get it done, I have several ways to help you.

1. Check out my website to read my course creation Blog posts 

2. Watch videos on my Course Creation Learning Centre  

3. Go grab my FREE Course Creation Quick Start

4. Book a paid for 'brain-picking session'

5. Buy my course "Crafty Online Course Creation" - you can start today!

And I'm always cheering you on!

Sue xxx

If these pointers on how to make time to create an online course have inspired you to take action, and get going again... then why not save yourself a ton of time and effort and grab my gift to you?

I look forward to helping you make your online course dream into a money making reality.