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Course Creation Training: Your Choices & Costs

You want to create an online course BUT you don't have a clue where to start, what to do, and you are (probably) worried about 'all the techy stuff'. Let's look at some options for course creation training so you can crack on and learn what to do.

Good News! You can do it the 'free way'

You can probably cobble together enough knowledge, eventually, by searching for free videos on YouTube, finding free courses, joining free groups and taking part in free challenges. I don't think any of those choices can be accurately described as course creation training, however.

And crickey! It will take you months, and there is zero guarantee of any quality or accuracy. 

Any free groups and challenges are provided as an email list building and marketing tactic, so you will be provided with some information in the hope that you will then join their paid course, program or membership. If it's a popular FB group challenge, then you will find yourself part of a very large group (in the thousands) where it's like the blind leading the blind, with plenty of uninformed opinions and inaccurate feedback and 'information'. 

When the inevitable paid offer is revealed, then please be super aware of the high levels of FOMO (fear of missing out) making it very difficult to resist joining the buying frenzy. There will be a lot of pressure, a lot of time pressure, and a lot of pressure that shames you into jumping on board.

Free courses are also a marketing and email list building tactic for course creators.

You will definitely spend a LOT of your precious time searching, and wondering if you are following the 'right' stuff. 

I bet you are the proud owner of a bulging computer hard-drive full of all the freebies you have signed up for and not used.

I'm also willing to bet that you are feeling overwhelmed and still confused by all the varying information. 

A question of time?

Above all, how much time have you wasted on your quest for FREE course creation training?

What is the value of your wasted time?

Working that out will definitely depress you, and time is always our most precious commodity. Once it's gone, we never get it back.

The Free way or the headache-free way!

Pat Flynn, is a well-known online marketer / educator, and he says this about trying to learn everything you need for free.

" you can choose the free way or the headache-free way" and it's spot on!

Trying to do it all for free will give you many headaches that's for sure. 

Let's look at paying for course creation training & support.

So you decide to invest in yourself and your business and buy some online course creation training.

Well Done!

The online education business is booming, even more so as a result of the global pandemic. And therefore, there is a wide and varied choice of ways to learn how to create your own course. 

There are many online courses and trainers who offer online course creation training.

 There is a wide range of pricing and payment plans, so it's impossible to give you an exact price.

I'm sure you will find courses for a few hundred pounds / dollars.

You will definitely find courses for a couple of thousand pounds / dollars.

And plenty in-between those 2 figures.

Please don't forget that is 'just' to learn what to do.

You will still need money for equipment and software. I'll cover that in another post.

So don't blow all your budget on learning what to do, no matter how tempting.

How to choose online course creation training that is right for you?

Firstly, get very clear what is included within those different courses.

Here are some things to consider...

1. how long do you have access

2. do you have to keep up with a fixed weekly schedule

3. what level of personal support do you get from the person whose course it is?

(beware that for the large popular courses you won't get any personal interaction with that person - you might get some support from one of their 'associate coaches')

4. what level of techy training and support is provided

5. are you expected to sign up to a specific software or course hosting solution

6. how long do you get any support for? and that includes group coaching calls

7. do you get any personal 1-2-1 support or strategy sessions

8. beware of all the 'bells and whistles' and bonuses that can start to feel overwhelming or distract you from actually getting on with your course creation

9. does it all feel in alignment with you and your stage of business growth

10. what size groups will you be working with

11. how do you get your questions answered with specific details

12. is the course suitable for your specific niche?

13. does the course TRULY include everything you need to know to be able to create, launch & market an online course?

14. what training & support is given around filming & editing? Not all courses will suit you if you are a creative business owner who needs to film their hands. That is much more complex than 'just pick up a phone and go live in Facebook'...

I think that list is long enough for the moment!

I have seen people get sucked into a course that isn't appropriate for them, so many times. They get sucked in by the marketing, FOMO and group peer pressure. It rarely ends well for them, and always makes me feel really sad too. It doesn't have to be like that!

Of course for many people, those 'guru' courses are suitable, and they do well in that environment. I just want to caution you that there are other online course trainers here on the internet who do things very differently, and which could suit you much better.

It may take further research to find them. Although you are reading this so you have already found me, haven't you?

Then, think about what you realistically need to learn to move forward and create your course.

Here are some things to consider...

  • How do you prefer to learn, what environment you feel comfortable in. 
  • What levels of personal support do you need. 
  • How quickly do you pick up 'techy stuff'? or do you tend to struggle with online tech and tools?
  • Do you want a big group experience, fighting for attention in a large Facebook group?
  • Are you older and prefer not to be in a group full of extrovert Millenials?
  • Are the timings of events, progress through the course, or any live sessions convenient and accessible for you? 
  • Always feeling 'behind' can get demoralising, and is a significant factor in whether people drop out and abandon their course creation dreams.
  • What is your teaching experience? Do you need help in teaching skills, or with course design?

And some other aspects to think about when selecting some online course training or a trainer.

Whilst creating your course, you will need to achieve:

  • a certain level of graphics skills for course thumbnails, SM graphics, course handouts, printables etc
  • some video shooting & editing skills,
  • be able to create landing pages, and sales pages. 
  • you will also need somewhere to host your course, and a way of managing payments, refunds, taxes etc.
  • email marketing is an essential factor for online course success.
  • And you will have to get excited about ongoing marketing and continual audience building.

What level of support, if any, will be provided by the course creation trainer / course for all of those activities and skills?

I hope this post has certainly given you some 'food for thought' and that it helps you choose an online course training solution that works for you and your budget.

To provide a detailed contrast to the typical experience, I have also written about the features & benefits of my online course training & support. 

It's called Crafty Online Course Creation and I created it specifically for crafty creative business owners who want to create an online course around their craft, art, hobby, or active business. It works for everyone else too but I ensure that you learn how to film your hands / activity and that you truly learn everything you need to go from course zero to course hero.

You can read more here.

And any questions, please use the Contact Form.

One Last Thing!

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I look forward to helping you make your online course dream into a money making reality.

I’m cheering you on!

Sue xxx