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You fancy creating an online course. It's going to be a fabulous strategic business asset. BUT... only if you actually get it done and have something to sell!

Sadly, it's very common to see excited business owners start learning how to create their online course. I see people talking in social media how excited they are to start creating their course. And then 'life happens' and the course gets put on the back burner... and every week that passes with no action on course creation, the flame under the back burner fizzles out more and more. And the course never gets finished, So it's never a business asset. 🙁

This is so sad to see.

I've given this problem a lot of thought and have identified a framework through which you can assess your readiness to create a successful online course. 

And so "Course Creation Countdown" was born! And I know you'll love it.

I've created a FREE online course, with short videos, to help you recognise the risk areas which will prevent your course creation activities from being a success.

This is designed to help you bridge the gap between wanting to create an online course, and actually making the changes so that you SUPPORT your course creation project rather than SUFFOCATE IT.

You have to set yourself up for success. It won't just magically happen. 

Simply work through each element of my framework to learn 'the 5 foundations of a successful online course". They are short videos BUT I know they’ll trigger quite a lot of thinking!

Answer the 5 KEY questions, and then TAKE ACTION to set the groundwork for your course creation project.

And in a nutshell... If you fail to put these crucial foundations in place, your online course success is at risk. Please don't let it happen to you!

Yes this is FREE but it's highly VALUABLE, when you use it.

Simply pop over to

And then please let me know any a-ha's that moved you to make a change so you GET SET FOR SUCCESS. If you follow me on socials, drop me a message there. Or just email through here if you prefer.

You know I'm always cheering you on,
Sue xxx

PS. this will save you tons of frustration, disappointment and time down the line

Take the RISK out of your course creation journey and make it so much FASTER and EASIER.

Here's that link again.