PLEASE NOTE: I’ve kept this blog post because it was the first blog post I wrote as I was launching my virtual services business back in 2010. Since then, Traffic Geyser software is no longer available, and the company was sold. The training course no longer exists BUT VAClassroom has evolved into Freelance University. This post shows I’ve been running my online business since 2010, and I’m very proud to still be in business. Things have evolved over the years but I’m still here!

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Susan Weeks of VirtualityWorks announced her successful completion of the Traffic Geyser Certified VA Training Course at VAClassroom.

Susan Weeks, founder of, announced that she has successfully completed the Traffic Geyser Certified VA Training Course, the very first Technology-Specific training program developed in partnership with and

Since 2007, there has been a rapid increase in the importance of Social Media Marketing and the use of online video to promote businesses.

According to Traffic Geyser co-founder Rocket Helstrom, “video now surpasses 55% of all internet traffic.” To leverage the power of video and other key internet marketing tools, Traffic Geyser has designed a user-friendly and innovative platform that allows businesses to create and mass-distribute online videos, podcasts and articles to various Social Media distribution points, thereby exploding their natural search listings for their most targeted keywords. This system helps Virtual Assistants and their clients climb to the top listings in Google and other Search Engines and generate a high level of targeted website traffic and results.

However, since many busy entrepreneurs utilizing the Traffic Geyser Marketing Platform lack sufficient time to devote to it, there is a growing need to outsource Traffic Geyser tasks to a person skilled in using this important tool. That is why VirtualityWorks is excited to be adding Traffic Geyser Services to their business, having gained a complete blueprint for successfully implementing the Traffic Geyser system.

 Often the biggest challenge facing online businesses today is that of getting found amongst the vast number of other similar business, services and websites. Used as part of a defined strategy I have seen from personal experience how effective Traffic Geyser is for generating targeted traffic. Added to my other online business services, this TrafficGeyser certification rounds out my skills base and puts me in a great place to serve Traffic Geyser clients and help other online business solve their greatest e-business challenges! – Susan Weeks

In VAClassroom’s Traffic Geyser Certified VA Training Course, Susan Weeks learned to perform the primary implementation tasks that many Traffic Geyser members are requesting right now, including: 

  • keyword research for target markets
  • creating and distributing online video
  • repurposing video into articles, podcasts and blog posts
  • creating “Lead Capture” pages with video,
  • creating podcast feeds and blogs
  • and excitingly – to create an iPhone App using Traffic Geysers great iPhone App generator!

In addition, they have gained the skills necessary for setting up autoresponder email sequences for the Traffic Geyser Lead Capture Page Generator, managing Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media Networks, and many other pertinent tasks. Most importantly, with advanced and powerful Internet Marketing skills, VirtualityWorks is now better equipped to guide each client to the fastest path to success through increased targeted visibility and traffic.

VirtualityWorks is an online professional Virtual Assistant services company, offering an integrated range of niche online business services, including:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Blog Marketing & WordPress Blog Management & Setup
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Applying the concepts of Inbound Marketing to
    •  ‘Get Found Online’ by more visitors
    • Turn Visitors Into Leads
    • Turn Leads Into Customers

Having received the Traffic Geyser Certification, they are pleased to add key Traffic Geyser services and tools to their business. This certification also entitles them to ongoing training as technology develops so they will continue to offer quality up-to-date Traffic Geyser skills to their clients.

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