bored_at_computer_pc_4034Using images in online marketing can be a challenge, especially if you are a service based business – there are only so many photos of you at your desk that we want to see… right?

And this is where creative entrepreneurs have a really great advantage in online marketing – all you artists, sculpters, anyone who makes gorgeous handmade items – you all have a wealth of beautiful and interesting pictures and images you can use to enliven your site, your blog, your videos. Even authors have book cover images to use.

But if you are a service based ‘expert’, coach, consultant and so forth – it is a challenge to find relevant and interesting pictures and images to use in your online marketing. And many people advise against the use of those stock images we can buy, they are not very realistic. Better to have similar images of your own staff, yourself, your work and your ideas.

So I would like to share a couple of links that I came across  the other week with some good ideas from Mike Capuzzi on using images and different types of photos of you within your online marketing content. I thought there were some good ideas in there, some I had not seen before, and some which kicked off some ideas for me to use in by online marketing.

I hope you find some useful ideas in there too. If so, make a note of them, and plan some photos for yourself. stick_figure_camera_photographer

I’ve booked a photographer for next week .

What action are you going to take to personalise the photos to use in your online marketing?


Have Fun !


Susan Weeks
Susan Weeks

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