online marketing challengesDoes this sound familiar?

You provide a service, or you create things, art, writing – either way there is the constant tension between doing what you do, and developing your business and doing your marketing.

I am always fully busy providing my online marketing and video marketing services to my clients, and admit to neglecting some aspects of my own online marketing.


I have made it my main objective / goal / mission to start spending much needed time building my business and have started becoming more selective in the work I accept. I am doing this so I can invest time into my business, to re-position my services, and re-align my business with my professional and my personal lifestyle needs.

There have been a few catalysts for this change, both  business and personal. I recognised that I have been busy creating a service rather than building a business. I see the difference, understand  how I have drifted.  And although my service offerings have kept me busy, have served me well, paid the bills, the time is now right for me to do this.

So I have been

  • planning the changes I needed to make,
  • mapping out the shift in emphasis,
  • defining my target market,
  • and scoping out the packages & products that I was going to develop

and whilst doing this, I came across an interesting challenge  /event which has really helped me continue with the momentum of making changes whilst keeping a full client load going…

I discovered the Firepole Marketing Great Online Scavenger Hunt.

Playing a game to get stuff done – lightens the mental load, adds something new to what can become dull online routine…….cheerleader_jump_10767

An online marketing challenge, running over 5 weeks (note to self: check the end date !).

With loads of different challenges to complete, for points.

Its a wide-ranging list of things to do which provide a great focus and motivation to keep chipping away at those small little tasks, we keep promising ourselves we will ‘get round to it’ !

Sections on networking, blogging,social media,multimedia,writing & research, and ‘real life’ stretch, prod and challenge us all to get stuff done…..

There are also opportunities to connect with other players, and we have to keep score for 3 fellow competitors, which also encourages participation and meeting new online friends.

Here is the link to Firepole Marketing Great Online Scavenger Hunt

All-in-all I think this is an excellent idea.

It encourages learning by doing, and also making connections, building online presence and networking.

It will certainly be an idea that I am keen to adapt and include in my forthcoming projects.

What about you? Do you think you could take this idea and use it in an interesting way…

  • to attract potential clients
  • showcase your creativity
  • build community
  • encourage people to learn new skills?

I would love to know your thoughts, to see how you can take this idea and adapt it for your business.

Leave a comment…..share your thoughts – I’m looking forward to hearing from you!