So here we are April 2019 and this website is getting a makeover. This site has been around for over 10 years, from when I started my own freelance business. It has evolved several times over those years. It has also been rather neglected over the last couple of years to be honest.

Podcast Services

When I decided to specialise and provide podcast services, I decided to create a specific website for that service and Podcast Progress was born. That website has had most of my attention.

Popular Podcaster

When I decided to launch my own textile art podcast called Stitchery Stories, that needed its own website too. It has grown into a popular leader in its niche, and has appeared in Apple Podcasts Visual Arts Top200 since its launch. Lots of valuable experience has been learnt from having my own podcast that’s for sure! It’s also hugely enjoyable.

Neglected Website

So with 2 active websites, this site became neglected. One of the main reasons was because I was no longer sure what services if any to offer over here and have been tempted to just delete it.

So what has changed?

Well over the last couple of years, my business has evolved yet again. I became the content development mentor for a leading training community for freelancers. I am one of a small global team who support FreeU students, answer questions, and share our thoughts and experience within their vibrant online community.

This relationship also led to me create and deliver technical training for FreelanceU, in a variety of subjects. I have really enjoyed this opportunity to bring my love of training and my corporate training experience back into my freelance business.

Three Elements Of My Business

So I had the challenge of having 3 distinct aspects that make up my freelance business.

  1. Podcast strategy, launch and production services
  2. Stitchery Stories podcast
  3. Mentoring and training

Local East Yorkshire Opportunities

In addition, when I meet local East Yorkshire business owners at networking meetings, I can see there are opportunities to help and fill a gap I can see that is always a cause for concern for those business owners. However, I didn’t have a clear service offering to support that need, and it kept getting pushed down the to-do list. So this site fell into the weeds.

Website Revamp & New Service

How could I bring these three threads together in a clear and useful way?

Aha! By revamping this website 🙂 There is a lot to do of course, and it’s not anywhere near finished, but it works and the general structure is coming together well.

So the focus of this site is to bring my freelance business activities together, around 3 key elements.

Mentor. Trainer. Podcaster.

The key service I am launching on this site is that of Online Technology Mentor.

What is that?

Find out in the next post 🙂

EDIT 2022: I evolved again into my focus on creating & selling online courses, particularly the tech aspects which scare my audience of creative business owners. Same tech mentoring & training skills applied into a deeper, more relevant niche, related to my globally popular textile art podcast audience: Stitchery Stories.

You can browse my training courses here.

You can access FREE resources in my Learning Centre here.

Any Questions? Please use my Contact form, Cheers!