After a lot of thought, I have decided to launch my Online Technology Mentor service.

When I have attended local seminars and free training classes I have seen the same problem happen over and over again.

Does this sound like you?

The local business owners who are in attendance get all excited about the new thing they have learned. They can see why it will be useful. But what they can’t see or get their head around is HOW they are going to implement the shiny new thing they have just been learning about.

Learning technology and getting it to work is just not their thing.

They don’t want to spend tons of their valuable time messing about researching and trying to decide which particular tool or program or app will be the most suitable for them. Are those free articles on the internet actually still correct? Were they ever correct 🙁

Who can they ask? Maybe their ‘web guy?’

I have seen people stand up in Q&A sessions and say, “well this is all very exciting but HOW on earth am I going to actually work it all out and get it working. I am rubbish with technology”

It pains me to see busy business owners, like you, wasting so much time and feeling so stressed. You want to make that next step in your business, but technology is getting in your way. I feel so upset when I discover you have been sucked into buying tools, technology and apps that are not at all suitable for what you really need. You have wasted time, money and effort. None of us have those to spare do we?

Who am I to help you?

Time spent with me would have avoided all that stress and waste.

I have a 30 year professional background in technology, and training. I love working out what the choices are, what is the best solution, and making it work. I love explaining things in a clear and simple way, and making the process enjoyable.

As well as my corporate experience, I have been running my online business for 10 years, once again with technology and training and support at the heart of my services.

And in addition, for the last couple of years I have been a mentor with FreelanceUniversity. They are a leading global training and development resource for business owners, freelancers, virtual assistants and online professionals. I am part of a small global team, with a special responsibility for content development and also technology. As part of that team, I support FreeU students by answering a very wide variety of questions ranging from specific tools and technology, to dealing with clients, and general business development and issues. It is so rewarding.

As FreeU mentors we also offer 1-2-1 mentoring sessions as an additional paid service and I very much enjoy those sessions, as well as seeing the results and progress made by my ‘mentees’.

A Unique Service

A great benefit of being part of such an enthusiastic and enriching community is that I am surrounded, daily, by new ideas, solutions, challenges and insights. This is another strong factor which makes my experience and ability so unique, and why I am now offering my high value online technology mentor service to my own clients, particularly, my local East Yorkshire business community.

You can book me for 60 minutes POWER HOUR to brainstorm, learn, chat, problem solve….

So are you ready to get started?