As an online course creator you need to develop skills in video creation. Here are the 3 types of online course videos you need to create and why.

When we want to create an online course these days, then video is a very, very important part of that. And it's not just one type or one style of video either. 

Actually there are three main types of video that you will probably need to get to grips with when you are creating and marketing your online course. 

Online course video making & editing is a key skill to learn on your course creation journey. And with the right teacher, YOU CAN LEARN AND DO IT!

The first type are the videos for your course.

Course content. Typically horizontal videos.

  • So it may be demonstrations of you doing your crafty thing. Or sport or therapy. 
  • It may be presentation style videos like, you know, PowerPoint presentations giving some theory and facts.
  • It could be like I do a lot of - screen recording demos to show how an app works or even to help your students and clients 'on board' into your world. Tell them how to log into your course platform, that kind of thing.
  • Talking head videos. I do loads of those too as 'lives' or reels within Instagram (and then repurpose them into YouTube videos and blog posts - like this!)
  • Short, step-by-step, clear topic per video, give the best learning experience.

The second type would be videos for marketing your course.

Quite often they would be vertical videos for things like Instagram and TikTok.

  • Sneak peeks, 
  • talking heads, 
  • quick glimpses, 
  • getting people excited about your course, 
  • behind the scenes filmed with your phone to capture the moment

And the third type would be live streaming. OK?

  • so you've got zoom, 
  • going live on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, 
  • going live using YouTube
  • and then you've also got live streaming into a webinar, which is usually yet another type of software to manage webinars with. 

So I hope this helps you realise:

  • that you've got three different types of online course video, 
  • three different reasons for using video in your online course business and 
  • of course there are a variety of different tools that will make that each of those styles of video making and editing faster and easier. 

And since this is a key skill that is very often ignored by the main 'course gurus' cos they are NOT tech teachers.... then I will be creating a range of blog posts and videos around this topic. 

For deep-dive 'how-to tutorials', I have specific video creation and editing sections and lessons within my course creation course, 'Crafty Online Course Creation', and I am also 'pulling out' that content into separate video editing courses also available for purchase.  

In fact, the first of those courses is already available: 

    See you over there!

    Sue xxx

    ps. any questions please message me