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You know you SHOULD be using video to market your business and stay visible.

BUT, you are pushed for time AND actually haven't a clue how to make videos. It looks hard. You tell yourself you are crap at techy stuff!

The reality is that it has NEVER been so easy to make useful, cool looking videos. You have a powerful video creating machine in your pocket.

Your phone. 

It's time to make it work harder for your business!

You CAN do this....

Practical video making training session for members of Hornsea Collective Thursday 27th April at 7pm, at Hopfrog, Hornsea Freeport

We are going to make a start learning how to use a great FREE video editor to create a short video - around 1 to 2 mins max.

  • You will learn how to combine short video clips, and photos.
  • Split them, move them, speed them up.
  • Add text
  • Add audio
  • Add basic effects

Please do these tasks BEFORE you come to the training session.

  1. go into Google Play Store / Apple App Store
  2. search for CAPCUT video editor - it's FREE
  3. install on your phone (or your tablet / ipad if you prefer)
  4. think about what short form video you could use to market your business, your products, your services, your makes
  5. what stories do you want to tell?
  6. pick 1 thing to make a short video about - what do you want to show us?
  7. shoot some related short clips of video - no talking, all vertical for now
  8. shoot some related photos - again vertical or square
  9. DON'T OVER THINK IT - we can make a video from pretty much nowt!
  10. turn up on the 27th excited to give it a go. Surprise Yourself! 

    See you there!


    ps. any questions please message me