PLEASE NOTE: I’ve kept this blog post because it documents my early business & services – I’ve been in business since 2010. Things have evolved over the years and I no longer provide internet marketing services. I do however focus upon creating & selling online courses, online course services and training creative business owners how to create an online course.

Since then, Traffic Geyser software that was a key element of my business back then, is no longer available, and the company was sold. However, eJunkie is still in business as an easy to use e-commerce shoping cart. I used it for a few clients back in 2011 and 2012.  Things have evolved over the years but I’m still here!

Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant ServicesEven though my website is targeted at Traffic Geyser members searching for a Certified Traffic Geyser Virtual Assistant, I also do work with other clients, providing Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant services.

In fact these other services greatly complement my TG services, as there are times when clients need general internet marketing services in addition to help with their TG projects and challenges.

Here is a recent example.

I was asked to set up a basic website, from which my client wanted to sell a download-able e-booklet. That was it.

The client is also not very technically confident, so I wanted a solution which needed little or no input from them.

I looked around for a simple shopping cart, a fellow VA mentioned that she had used e-Junkie, and recommended I give it a try.

I am happy to report that it was very quick and easy to get started and implement, and very cost effective (prices start at $5 per month), and integrates easily with PayPal, Ebay and other forms of payment. There are simple easy to use features and more complex features depending on what you are wanting to do.

For us, selling one simple downloadable product from a simple wordpress-based website, and processing payment through Paypal was perfect.

  • You register
  • add the product(s) you want to sell,
  • add the electronic file
  • link to your paypal business account
  • get the button code for ‘add to cart’ and ‘buy now / checkout’  buttons
  • put the button code on your website

I created some new buttons that fit with the ‘look and feel’  of the site, and easily substituted the image location in the code to use my new buttons rather than the standard buttons generated by eJunkie.

And that was it.

The only slight issue we had was setting up a couple of simple parameters within Paypal so that the payments were processed immediately. Once they were set up, following clear advice from the eJunkie help system, it all worked beautifully.

Job Done !

Oh, and I would just like to point out that this is in no way any form of affiliate promo – I just liked using it and thought it very useful. I would use it again.

If you would like me to do something similar for you – please get in touch!

And finally, I would love to know your experiences with simple shopping carts?  Any Comments To Share?

Bye For Now, Susan