woman_with_megaphone_7875As the internet gets busier and noisier, more disruptive, the challenge increases for everyone trying to make ourselves heard and seen, to stand out from the crowd.

Positioning. Platform. Profiles.

Like so many other peas in a pod.

So how DO WE describe ourselves, make it obvious what we do, how we help…. in an interesting and unique way ?

There are millions of words written about it, free reports, seminars, info products by the ton, but an article on LinkedIn caught my eye last week, which also made me smile.

It was talking about the grandiose way in which people describe themselves, how easy it is to fall into the trap of using overworked, meaningless waffle. It listed 16 particularly overworked words to avoid when describing yourself.

The link is at the end of this post.

Just this evening I was looking for inspiration for new words to reflect my evolving business, for ways to express what I do, how I can help.

Yep – my new positioning.

And yes, trawling through LinkedIn I came across some absolute ‘classic’ descriptions.

But the thing that I come back to every time

is that if you want people to find you in some sort of online search, are more people going to find you if you call yourself a blue sky visionary thinker inspiring blah blah whatever…. or …… a business mentor ? Like it or not, you need to build some form of keywords into the words you use to describe you, what you do for others, and what you call your ‘stuff’.

What you do, what results you get,  is more useful to people than what you ‘are’.

I like the ‘I (verb) X to Y even though Z’ format that Mike Koenigs & Paul Colligan propose as part of their Author Expert Marketing Machines training. They give an excellent example such as “I teach busy new mums how to loose weight even though they only have 5 minutes a day”


My latest version of this statement for myself is:

“I help busy but overwhelmed artists,authors,experts, coaches to become known as the expert in their niche and to boost their online business, whilst removing stress & creating success, even when their online presence seems to be in a mess “

I will keep tinkering….. what about you?

How could you create a statement like this for yourself?

Here are 4 things for you to do  😉

  •  Checkout the article, Stop Using These 16 Terms To Describe Yourself!
  • Hop on over to your profiles and see what words you have used
  • Ask yourself – Is it time you re-positioned your positioning?
  • Think about your positioning statement  – remember its…  ‘I (verb) X to Y even though Z’


What do you think about this topic? Want to leave a comment?