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Would you rather get something done in an hour... or string it out over months?
Your time is very valuable, we never get it back again.

I can't give you a time machine, but I CAN give you some training which will save you weeks of frustrating research and over-thinking.

Last year I was chatting with a fabulous textile artist about online courses. And I was shocked at what she shared with me!

Here is a quick 5 minute video where I share a common costly mistake that so many wannabee online course creators suffer from.

AND I share HOW I can help you AVOID making those same mistakes too!

Or keep scrolling if you prefer to read!

She had been working on creating an online course at that point for over 18 months. She had been recording videos and creating content BUT was totally going round in circles wondering where to 'put' her online course.

Wasting countless valuable hours on...

  • attending rubbish marketing webinars,
  • reading out-of-date blogs, 
  • getting sucked into unsuitable solutions.
  • And let's not mention trying to work out how to cobble together a landing page, and a sales page, and a shopping cart, and take payment plans. And organise her students.

The thing was, she didn't know what she didn't know.

 She didn't understand the 4 basic 'ways' in which you can share your course with the world. And didn't understand the pros and cons of the different 'ways'.

Firstly you have to understand which 'way' is the best choice for you.

And then, you can choose between the different solutions within that chosen 'way'.

Several months later, she FINALLY decided that a course hosting platform was the right choice for her, and then chose one that did what she wanted.

 When her first course was launched, 2 years after she first started work on it, it sold really well and continues to be popular.

Just stop and think how expensive all that delay was. How much money it cost her in lost sales.

And how many potential students that she 'lost' cos they went off and bought a similar course from one of her competitors, because they had something for sale and she didn't.

You can't sell a course that's stuck in your head!

The good news is that you can cut out all that long, slow painful learning curve.
You can learn what you need to know in 60 minutes with me.

You can crack on with the next step in your online course creation journey.
And that moves you one step closer to seeing those first online course sales popping into your bank account.

Join me on Tuesday 4th April at 12.30pm for my new live masterclass training

"Choosing the right platform for your online course :
A practical guide to making the best choice for you."

Once you watch it you will realise there is no reason why you can't crack on and get your online course created sooner rather than later.

Oh and by the way, this isn't some fluff filled marketing 'webinar' to sell something else.
This is full of valuable information that you can take action on right away.
That's why it's a paid ticket event, but at a 'no-brainer' price.

Interested? I'm not surprised, it's going to be awesome!

See you there!


ps. any questions please message me

pps. yes it will be recorded, you get a workbook, and you can ask questions after the event too.

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