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You want to create an online course? This is for YOU!
You don't have to struggle or waste tons of time & energy trying to work out where is the best place to 'put' your online course.

Choosing The Right Platform For Your Online Course
A Practical Guide To Making The Best Choice For You!

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This is something I see over and over again as creative people go round in circles trying to work out how to host, sell & market their online course. Some give up at that point, frustrated, confused and very discouraged ๐Ÿ™

(I saw someone do that a couple of weeks ago)

Or I see them having a last minute panic attack 'cos the stuff they have cobbled together just isn't working properly as their 'open cart' looms ๐Ÿ™

(I saw that happening last weekend)

Or they have blindly followed 'someone else' and it's defo not the best choice for their situation. Again making it slower, frustrating and a waste of money usually ๐Ÿ™

(I saw that a few times at the end of last year when people were getting sucked into the latest 'guru' marketing)

All this makes me so sad, it's heartbreaking for me to witness.

So, it's time for me to step in and offer some SENSIBLE and PRACTICAL advice to get you all moving forward. I want you to be confident that you CAN create an online course, and keep moving closer to actual sales popping into your bank account.

Do you realise that there are basically FOUR main ways to organise and publish your online course, each with their own pros and cons.
And you can even get started for FREE with some of them, once you know 'what's what'.

In this 60 minute live training masterclass

I'm going to show you those four choices and dive into the practical details so you clearly understand what they are.
You'll be in the right place to learn and make the best choice for you.

Join me on Tuesday 4th April at 12:30pm UK time

It's Going To Be A Gamechanger For You!

Once you watch this practical training, you will realise that there is NO REASON why you can't crack on and get an online course up and running pretty quickly.

Any questions please email me 
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Imagine the relief you will feel to get this dilemma off your shoulders.
See you there!

Sue xxx