how can a brain picking session help your small business

Are you stuck with some techy stuff that's harming your business? How can you get quick & impartial small business help? 

It's easy to feel overwhelmed in your small business as you juggle all the hats to keep your business running. 

Most weeks I come across a fellow small biz owner who is battling with some problem that is usually described as 'techy stuff'. You are NOT ALONE! 

In the last 3 weeks alone I've had a conversation about: 

  • what to do when a 'web guy' is holding your Google My Business profile 'hostage'
  • options for website creation and if quotes received seem reasonable
  • what to do when a 'web guy' has registered your domain under their account
  • how to sort out a Shopify online store with multiple problems
  • a question about emailing past course customers (data privacy GDPR)
  • not knowing how to make any changes to own WordPress website
  • what to blog about (multiple times)
  • the steps needed to write a blog post
  • how to make it easy for local customers to leave a review on Google my Business
  • how to get a 'proper' domain email address organised

And those are just the items that have cropped up in conversation with local small business owners at local networking and get-togethers. 

These convo's dwell on my mind and make me really sad that these barriers are causing such harm and distress. I want you to take control back and get moving again, creating success for yourself.

How To Get The Small Business Help You Desperately Need?

The common threads through all these annoying problems are:

1. where can you get trusted advice and help to resolve the issue

2. it's causing damage to your business

3. OR stopping you from marketing and attracting new business

4. wasting tons of your precious time as you go round in circles trying to fix what you don't understand.

The problems all impact your business FINANCIALLY, and impact you EMOTIONALLY leaving you exhausted, frustrated & overwhelmed. 

Relief Is Available!

You Can Book A Brain Picking Session With Me

The best way I can help you and your small business is through a 'brain-picking' session with me. It's a 1-2-1 personal 'power hour' where we dig into the problem and find appropriate solutions. 

  • It could be advice. 
  • It could be showing you how to do something. 
  • It could be me going away and diving into the details and diagnosing or fixing something.
  • It can be whatever you need to get your business moving again.
  • You will get wise impartial practical guidance & help
  • You will get a result

Why Me? Who Am I To Offer Advice & Mentoring Like This?

FreelanceUnivesity Craig Cannings Testimonial susan weeks trainer

Here is a quick list of reasons why I am very well qualified & experienced to help you in this way.

  1. I've run my online business for over 12 years - I understand the issues
  2. providing a wide variety of 'techy stuff' & online marketing services to global clients
  3. therefore tons & tons of practical experience dealing with all this
  4. I'm always reading & learning & keeping up-to-date on all aspects of online business
  5. a long professional career with global corporates 
  6. starting as a mainframe computer programmer
  7. established a training department
  8. Business Studies degree & a training qualification 
  9. I wrote my first course back in 1996
  10. since created over 30 online courses covering most of the popular online platforms
  11. Trained many hundreds of people in programming and how to use online tools
  12. business mentor and technical trainer for Freelance University, a leading, global freelancer and virtual assistant training provider
  13. so I'm also very experienced in answering questions from small business owners
  14. I'm told I make all the techy stuff fun, easy to understand, learn and apply
  15. focused on small practical step by step actions to get results
  16. I host a globally popular podcast, I livestream, speak, make variety of videos, loads of graphics, content

Oh and I've created my own WordPress websites since 2010, and helped clients with Weebly & Wix websites. I won't bore you any more by adding a long list of the platforms and tools i use, have used, or have written courses for.

How Does It Work?

I run these via Zoom - you simply click on the link at the scheduled time. I will record the session so you don't have to make a million notes, and can always go back as required.

To book, go to my online booking system, find a convenient slot and pay.

You will receive emails with the Zoom link and also receive reminders closer to the appointment.

If you want to check before you book if I can help you with a specific tool or technology, then of course send me an email 

Always Cheering You On!

Sue xxx

P.S I have loads of testimonials from clients and 'brain pickers' and I admit that I've been terrible at adding them to this new site. It's my next main job!