It's 3 years ago this week that the unimaginable happened. A new virus swept the world, tens of thousands were dying, and suddenly we were in 'lockdown' with everything closed. 

The shock and worry for everyone, but particularly for us self-employed small business owners, and particularly those running in-person classes and events. How could our business survive? How would we make money?

I was in a very unique position to help...

I had a long corporate career in technology and training, then I escaped the rat race and set up my own online business in 2010. I’ve provided online marketing services then brought my training course creation experience back into my business. As a freelancer, I created many 'techy' online training courses for global freelancer training organisation Freelance University and was also one of their team of mentors.

Through my hobby of textile art and embroidery I founded Stitchery Stories textile art podcast in 2017 where I interview textile artists about their art, business, creative life etc. It's globally popular, and an 'accidental' audience.

And so 3 years ago as the pandemic decimated my creative audience's businesses as in-person classes were cancelled, I was in great demand. 

Local business owners, textile artists, my podcast audience, all kept asking me if i knew anyone who could help them create an online course! DOH! that was me, but no-one knew that!

Finally I brought together my techy training skills, online business experience and my accidental audience. I started teaching textile artists how to create an online course. Oh yes, and I was also busy teaching how to use Zoom 🙂 That was the start of my online course business.

Things evolve, and under the title of 'Crafty Course Profit Booster' I am developing a deeper niche.

I will teach creative people how to create a profitable online on-demand version of their popular in-person art & craft classes. A unique, fast, practical 'get it done' focus.

So if you run in-person classes, and fancy less stress and more profit, give me a shout, say Hello.

You can do this. I'm here to help you.