image to illustrate concept of how long to create an online course

In case you are wondering how long to create an online course? 

It depends

Just like how long is a piece of string, there are many factors which affect your speed getting your course created and up-for-sale. And in this quick post I am looking at that popular question from a different perspective.

When you want to create an online on-demand VERSION of your popular in-person art & craft classes you will probably have plenty of new skills to learn.  But I want you to take heart and motivation from the fact that you can be much quicker than someone who is starting from scratch!

You already know how and what to teach. And you already know that your course will sell 'cos you have existing buyers. You have a 'proven' course concept 'cos you've been running this class in-person for quite a while now. That's plenty of time saved right there! Plus confidence.

Learning how to film your hands & edit video may well be skills you need to learn and practice.

And you will probably be wondering where you will put your course online. How will people buy it and access it?

Oh crickey, sales pages and shopping carts and landing pages, and course content, and......

This can be a massive time waster as you go round and round trying to assess different options. How can you pick the best option for you?

I know several artists who have spent well over a year 'just' faffing about looking at all the different ways to host their course. They wasted so many hours, 'cos they didn't know what they didn't know. 

They grew very frustrated at their slow progress. Meanwhile, other textile artists were launching their courses. Yikes! Lost profit making opportunities at a time when running a creative business has never been harder!

I am working on some help to make it fast and easy for you to learn all about online course hosting solutions, pros and cons.

But MY BEST PIECE OF ADVICE if you want to create an online course is to 'ring-fence' plenty of time so you can crack on, learn what you need to learn, practice, build it and launch it.

Make it your one big priority.
Say NO to other distractions.

The faster you get it done, the sooner you will see course sales popping into your bank account.
Let me know what's holding you back.
Sue xxx

P.S. So if you run in-person classes, and fancy less stress and more profit, give me a shout, say Hello.
You can do this. I'm here to help you. I'm always cheering you on!