blog is this you do you teach in-person art & craft classes

Artist, Crafter, Maker? Is This You? 

You run in-person art & craft classes & workshops.
Perhaps in your own studio
Or as a visiting tutor at other people's venues (studios, shops, craft centres)
Or as a workshop provider at a large event (Knitting & Stitching Show, Festival Of Quilts etc.)

You may not think about it these terms, BUT the content of those in-person classes is a strong business asset.
And you can leverage that class teaching content to make MORE PROFIT  with LESS STRESS in your business.

Here is a quick 5 minute video where I highlight these ideas for you.

Or keep scrolling if you prefer to read!

When I chat with art and craft teachers like you, and ask them why they don't have online classes, I get a range of answers but it seems to be thought of as in-person classes VS. online classes, that you do one or the other. You like doing the in-person classes, so why swap and only do online!


In fact, when you create an online version then you add more flexibility, resilience and strength into your business. With far less hassle and costs.
You create more options and opportunities for yourself.

AND you might not have realised it but you have a massive advantage over artists who want to create online classes but who haven't taught in-person. They lack your teaching experience. They don't already have a range of classes and samples available to adapt to online teaching like you do.

You Already Know...

  • what sells - you are already selling it
  • who buys it
  • why they buy it
  • what they buy next

Oh and I just want to clarify what I mean by online on-demand courses.

NOT ZOOM! You still have to turn up each time, and juggle the tech and the audience and teach all at the same time - the hardest way of teaching to be honest! And then you have to decide about providing a recording, and a long recording isn't easy to store, share or learn from. Overall, it's not a great student experience. 

I'm talking about video-based, well-structured and edited, small step-by-step courses. 

Preferably delivered in a secure specific course hosting platform.
The students can access the course materials when they want, take their time and repeat as many times as they prefer.

Meanwhile, you have freed up your time and can develop yet more money-making classes, or enjoy some extra and well-earned creative playtime.

So given all these benefits - more profit & less stress - What is holding you back from creating online on-demand versions of your in-person art & craft classes?

Please let me know.
I'm running a short series of videos and posts about this topic and will have other help coming soon.

The faster you get it done, the sooner you will see course sales popping into your bank account.
Let me know what's holding you back.
Sue xxx

P.S. So if you run in-person classes, and fancy less stress and more profit, give me a shout, say Hello.
You can do this. I'm here to help you. I'm always cheering you on!