keyword research  - some other ways to think about it
keyword research  – some other ways to think about it

Keyword research can often feel like a chore, something that has to be done, and something that many business owners either 1. ignore or 2. hand over to someone like me to do for them.

However, when I am doing keyword research for a client, I like to get you involved…. sounds scary?

Really it’s not.

You see there are so many great things that come out of following the keyword research process.

  • It helps you to really focus on who you are trying to attract to your business.
  • It helps you to really focus on what you do for those people, to define what are you really selling.
  • It can help identify new potential areas of business
  • It can help identify areas where you can outsmart your closest competition

In essence it enables you to get the best ‘bang for your buck’ so that the superb work that you do, the brilliant services that you offer, the beautiful art that you create… all actually get found by the people who are out there trying to find YOU.

Lets think about it as a process that helps you get very clear and specific about your business, and how you attract your ideal customers & clients.


So you do some keyword research, and then what?

You use those keywords.

They are used to make sure that everything you do on the internet can be found by the people who you want to find it.

That process is known as SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.


Remember its all about Get Found – Get Known – Get Customers.


Keyword research can be done in great depth, everything can be optimised, but you are probably thinking – ‘I don’t have time for all this stuff!’

So think about it this way – anything you do is better than doing nothing – and even a small amount of action could be enough to get you ahead of your nearest competitors.

And to help you get started, here are




1. KNOW your audience and what they are SEARCHING for

2. Research and Identify the BEST keywords to reach the RIGHT audience

3. CREATE and DISTRIBUTE your consistent, unique, targetted, and OPTIMISED content across the internet places that work best for you

4. MONITOR your progress – where you are in the search listings, and check out your Google Analytics account to check what keywords people are using to find your ‘stuff’, and what increases you are seeing in visitors


What makes a great keyword?

  • one that people are actually searching for
  • one that will support your useful and relevant content
  • one that is mapped to business goals
  • can actually be a phrase as people are getting more sophisticated in their ability to search for what they want

The keyword phrases can be very useful – many are in the how to format, or the what is format such as ‘how to do keyword research’ or ‘what is keyword research’. If you have phrases like that which come up, consider how you can use them to create a series of posts, or training videos or whatever is relevant to your business.

If you create something like that – you will get found more, and you are providing something interesting and of value to potential customers…. AND are very probably doing something different from your competitors so it makes you stand out,  be considered as the ‘go to person’.

This all springs out of a keyword research process.


So hopefully this quick post has given you some enthusiasm for keyword research, even if to go and find out more.

Or get someone to do it for you as part of online marketing support.


But remember, to get the most from this activity. it’s something that you take part in and use, not something that is ‘done to you’!


ENJOY!!! 🙂

Cheers, Susan