Following on from my earlier post about Traffic Geyser2.0 coming… there are also other changes that have happened.

The previous Certified Professionals Directory has been ‘retired’ and when you click on the logo, you now get taken to the new version of the directory which is hosted over on However, the people listed on that Directory are the ones who have completed the latest style of certification now being used which revolve around a live training and certification event hosted at Traffic Geyser, which typically require an investment of around $4000. Certification for the new Traffic Geyser 2.0 version is not available as yet.

I have been certified with Traffic Geyser for many years, starting as one of their Traffic Geyser Certified Virtual Assistants back in early 2010.

In April 2011, after the VA Directory section was ‘retired’ by Traffic Geyser, then I was listed in the Certified Professionals Directory. Since then I have worked on many varied projects with clients around the world, all focused on using Traffic Geyser & Instant Customer, and also AEMM, as well as other related video & internet marketing projects.

This week I discovered that Traffic Geyser had also ‘retired’ the Certified Professionals Directory in favour of the new certifications outlined above.

Fair enough – things change, we change.

Sadly, in both instances when they retired the directories, they didn’t have the basic courtesy to inform us at any stage what was going to happen. It just happened.


That is downright bad manners!

I will not be going to San Diego to invest in the latest style of certification, I live in England, am a single mum and its just not a practical option for me.

So you won’t be seeing me over at Digital Cafe.

It doesn’t mean I don’t know what I am doing…. just that I am not going to participate in the newest certification methods.

And of course, whilst the new certifications are taking place, and the new consultants are ‘settling in’, if you need any help with Traffic Geyser, Instant Customer and AEMM, I am still available, my experience & knowledge hasn’t vanished, so please contact me and we can organise a chat!